No Fortnite PS4 cross-play because 'PlayStation is the best place to play'

It's all about the user experience, says Sony CEO, UPDATE: Xbox says "Sony isn't listening to gamers"

ORIGINAL STORY 03/09/2018: Sony's new CEO Kenichiro Yoshida has waded into the row over cross-platform play with PS4.

The firm received some negative press during E3 on its refusal to enable PS4 Fortnite owners to play alongside gamers on other platforms. The firm does allow cross-platform play on some games with PC, but currently does not enable its PS4 user base to compete with Xbox or Nintendo fans. This has become an issue with certain consumers as both Nintendo and Xbox do allow such functionality.

Speaking at the IFA Technology Show in Germany, Yoshida said (as reported by The Independent): "On cross-platform, our way of thinking is always that PlayStation is the best place to play. Fortnite, I believe, partnered with PlayStation 4 is the best experience for users, that's our belief.

"But actually, we already opened some games as cross-platform with PC and some others, so we decide based on what is the best user experience. That is our way of thinking for cross-platform."

PlayStation is likely protecting its own userbase by not enabling cross-play with Xbox or Nintendo, but that has given its competitors an angle in which to attack the market leader. This was most notable with a Minecraft video that was produced to showcase Nintendo and Xbox owners playing together.

However, data obtained by suggests that gamers, on the whole, don't care too much about cross-platform play.

UDPATE 04/09/2019: Microsoft's corporate vice president Mike Ybarra has responded to Yoshida's comments via Twitter, maintaining the platform holder's stance on cross-play between platforms.

Responding to a Twitter reply later, he added: "Larger gaming audience who wants to play together. Gaming is diverse, if you only serve to bring joy to part of an audience then you are behind in many, many ways."

Microsoft has been banging the cross-play drum fairly hard since E3 after Fortnite connected the audiences on Xbox and Switch. The two platform holders even launched a joint marketing campaign to demonstrate this.

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Latest comments (8)

Shane Sweeney Academic A year ago
Rumble is a last generation feature.

Im not sure Sony can survive another Ken Kutaragi.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.A year ago
The logic has a problem. If they do not cross play with Switch or XOne because they believe PS4 is the best place to play, then that means they believe PC is the best place to play for games with cross play between PS4 and PC....else they wouldn't cross play with PC.
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Pete Thompson Editor A year ago
This is just another instance of Sonys for the players mantra being tediously out of date, out of touch and just laughably Untrue!

For the players my ass! 😂

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Pete Thompson on 4th September 2018 7:24pm

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James Prendergast Research Chemist A year ago
Every company does what it thinks is best for itself in order to improve its position within the market segment.

If you're the underdog, you must court compatibility and synergy with other companies' products. If you're the leader in the sector then you can abuse your position as much as you wish - though with consequences - as long as your customers keep buying your product. It's only when your customers stop buying that you have any incentive to change.

Neither of those market positions makes your company more "righteous".

Edited 4 times. Last edit by James Prendergast on 4th September 2018 8:54pm

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Daniel Trezub QA Analyst, LudiaA year ago
I don't believe Sony is losing any costumers over this. I mean, "I won't buy a PS4 because there's no Fortnite cross-play" is total BS, as is "I will buy an Xbox because it supports Fortnite cross-play".

Sony is confident about their brand and exclusives, that's all. They are in the position to do that, and both MS and Nintendo know that.

Ok, Fortnite is a huge success, but it's no God of War or Uncharted, and this is what Sony is looking at.
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Jeff Kleist Writer, Marketing, Licensing A year ago
They do lose customers, but I would agree its hardly a catastrophic number

However I will also be willing to bet money that Fortnite has generated more revenue than either GOW or Uncharted, or soon will.

And I wil, tell you, Fortnite crossplay is very important to kids, many of whom have a,ready spent more than twice the average retail cost of a game on Fortnite
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Seems like a bullish stance. Id love to hear whether actual PS4 fortnite players care or not.
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Daniel Trezub QA Analyst, LudiaA year ago
@High Point Gamer: Spoiler alert: they don't.

However, if you go to any Fortnite forum and ask away, 110% of them will say that yes, they do care a lot, even more than if their moms are getting enough money to go by the month. In reality? Nah, they don't care that much.

For me, the question is more like "do PS4 Fortnite players care that they are the only ones not being invited to this party?" than "Do you really want to be able to play with xbox or switch owners?"

In this sense, yes, nobody likes to be left out. But then you are masking the real issue behind a very strong FOMO feeling.
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