Breadcrumbs Interactive wins the Nordic Discovery Contest

The Romanian studio's Yaga named the best of more than 400 games at the Nordic Game Conference

Breadcrumbs Interactive has won the second annual Nordic Discovery Contest with its "role-playing folktale" Yaga.

The final winner was announced at the Nordic Game Conference in Malmö, Sweden today. Yaga was selected as the best game from a final group of four, by a panel of expert judges that included former IGDA head Kate Edwards and veteran journalist John Gaudiosi.

The other three finalists were Fuero Games' Bushy Tail, a visually stunning adventure game about a three-legged fox; Rikodu's Second Hand: Frankie's Revenge, a chaotic co-op action game in which players control imaginatively designed robots; and Henchman and Goon's Pode, a vividly designed co-op puzzle game that is scheduled to launch for Switch in the summer.

However, the overall winner was Breadcrumbs Interactive, a Bucharest based studio that drew on the folk myths of Romania for the story and design of Yaga. In total, more than 400 games were submitted for the Nordic Discovery Contest across 13 different trade shows.

Check back on for a full interview with Breadcrumbs Interactive. is a media partner of the Nordic Game Conference. We attended the show with assistance from the organiser.

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Andrew Mehta Director, United Games Limited3 years ago
Very cool, =). Congrats to Breadcrumbs Interactive!
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