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Molyneux warns against early Kickstarter campaigns

Godus dev calls it "a hugely risky undertaking that can be very destructive"

Veteran developer Peter Molyneux has warned against the perils of using Kickstarter too early in the development process, but didn't rule out using the crowd-funding service again.

"What I've learned is that doing Kickstarter and Steam Early Access, before you've got something which is defined and playable, is a hugely risky undertaking that can be very destructive to the final quality of the game," he told TechRadar.

"And if I had my time again, I wouldn't do Kickstarter at the start of development, I would do it at the end of development or towards the end of development. I'm not saying I would never do Kickstarter again, but if I was to do Kickstarter again, I would say 'look, we've done half the game, you can download this demo, you can play the game. You know what the game's going to be, now we're going to take it from this point to this point.'"

He also spoke about the pressure to hit the target, and how that could lead to overpromising to win backers.

"'Christ, we've only got 10 days to go and we've got to make £100,000, for f**k's sake, lets just say anything'."

Molyneux and his studio 22cans used Kickstarter to fund its project Godus, raising £526,563 against its £450,000 goal in December 2012. In March Molyneux hinted that Godus would be the studio's final game, but reports are coming in that he's just announced a new title at an event in Spain.

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Latest comments (8)

Aleksi Ranta Category Management Project Manager 6 years ago
Molyneux hints godus will be the studios final game.
Molyneux annouces name of new game.

Familiar pattern. Oh how I missed PM articles.
9Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Adam Acuo Investment Banking 6 years ago
Molyneux is the king of over promising and under delivering. So sick of him.
4Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Dan Wood Visual Effects Artist 6 years ago
"He also spoke about the pressure to hit the target, and how that could lead to overpromising to win backers."

Oh Peter, do you think anyone really believes you need outside pressure to overpromise on your games?
Strange the way most other kickstarters seem to be able to keep their hyperbole in check :-)
3Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Show all comments (8)
Tom Pickard Founder and Creative Director, Knifey Spoonie Games6 years ago
"'Christ, we've only got 10 days to go and we've got to make 100,000, for f**k's sake, lets just say anything'."

This is the old school attitude that made me not back Godus.. If your pitch isn't strong enough to get the funding your aiming for, saying and promising random things just to raise the money isn't exactly something that fits with the kickstarter ethos..

And by not delivering on your random promises, It then damages the Kickstarter platform by having a high profile project be untrustworthy, creating a knockdown effect on those smaller scale devs without a big reputation, who are trying to make the games they're pitching for reasonable sums of money.

If you want to Just make the games you want to make, without the pressure of having your paying customers actually demanding what they've paid for.. Then try a different method of funding, I'm pretty sure PM has the contacts and draw to bring in investment where he can still have creative freedom.
6Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Nicholas Lovell Founder, Gamesbrief6 years ago
It does seem odd to blame Kickstarter when this has been true of many titles from Peter that did not involve Kickstarter.
9Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Darren Adams Managing Director, ChaosTrend6 years ago
I like Peter Molyneux and would love to have a drink with him, probably has some awesome stories to tell. But in terms actually believing what he says about new games hes making, I think I would have to take what he says with a pinch of salt.

Gotta give credit where its due, he could sell sand to Tuscan Raiders. :D
5Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Roland Austinat roland austinat media productions|consulting, IDG, Computec, Spiegel Online6 years ago
Nicholas and Darren, your comments had me grin widely. Thanks for that. :)
1Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Adam Campbell Product Manager, Azoomee6 years ago
Looking at a wider issue, a lot of people don't really know how to use Kickstarter effectively and as we've heard, games in general do not have a long history of success on the platform. For what its worth, its good to have more warnings about the perils.
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