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Myst creators pen deal for series based on game

'90s puzzler revived again by Legendary Entertainment

Cyan Worlds, creators and curators of classic PC and Mac puzzle IP Myst have signed a deal with Legendary Entertainment to create a series based on the game, likely accompanied by a new game in some form.

In fact, Variety reports that the series and attendant games and apps will be closely intertwined, creating a transmedia experience which lets players expand upon the events of the series. It has not yet been decided whether the series will be a traditional broadcast or an online digital show.

Legendary has pedigree when it comes to transferring gaming IP to other mediums, working on properties involving Mass Effect, Dead Rising and the forthcoming World of Warcraft movie. Cyan Worlds is currently working on the next game in the Myst series: Obduction.

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Latest comments (2)

Joseph Harvey Department head, Firelight Technologies7 years ago
Y'know, I was under the impression that Obduction was a spiritual successor to Myst, and not part of the Myst series.
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Rafa Ferrer Localisation Manager, Red Comet Media7 years ago
That's right Joseph, Obduction will not be a sequel but a new take on the Myst experience, apparently unrelated to that universe.

Rand Miller to PC Gamer:
"It would be easy for us to just do a Myst sequel, but maybe not as satisfying as taking a new fresh look can we build a spiritual successor to the experience that Myst provided without necessarily tying ourselves to that same, precise story line," Miller said. "And that's where we want to go."
The game will probably be great (and with announced Rift support) but I was a little disappointed that it won't take place in the Myst universe... Oh well, looks awesome anyway.

I loved the Myst novels, especially the first two. I hope they keep the series' bar at least that high, and I'm curious about what kind of interaction they have in mind.
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