Carmack: Facebook "get the Big Picture"

But Oculus VR CTO admits to being surprised by the deal

It seems the general public weren't the only ones surprised by Facebook's acquisition of Oculus VR. John Carmack, CTO at the company, has defended the move by its founders but revealed the deal caught him unawares.

"I wasn't personally involved in any of the negotiations -- I spent an afternoon talking technology with Mark Zuckerberg, and the next week I find out that he bought Oculus," he said in the comments section of a blog post by Peter Berkman.

"I do have reasons to believe that they get the Big Picture as I see it, and will be a powerful force towards making it happen. You don't make a commitment like they just did on a whim."

He added that the with an experience as powerful as virtual reality "the fairly rapid involvement of the Titans is inevitable."

The post echoed what Carmack has been tweeting in the days since the $2 billion deal.

Despite his positive comments, a more recent tweet suggests that the deal has affected his plans for the future.

The deal was announced last week and garnered a mixed reaction from developers. Carmack's support of the deal could be a key component in seeing Facebook accepted by the wider development community.

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James Boulton Owner, Retro HQ Ltd3 years ago
Or perhaps Carmack thinking the acquisition by Facebook will accelerate the development process meaning the hardcore research which is the interesting part will be over quicker resulting in the need for more challenges. Who knows. :o)

It's funny how a couple of days reflection can change an opinion. Especially with Abrash joining forces. Now the Facebook dust has settled for me, my initial knee-jerk reaction of dismay is turning.

Whatever happens I'm a big fan of the tech, and can only see good things happening. The way the world is going with tracking everything about everyone is a little unsettlingly film future though...
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Robert B. Healy III Writer / Blogger 3 years ago
I still can't believe this happened. Out of all the companies, I would have never suspected Facebook as being the one to purchase Oculus. All I can say is that I hope Carmack is correct in his assumption that Facebook will not change Oculus' vision (pun intended) for the future of their platform.
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Jeffrey Kesselman Professor - Game Development, Daniel Webster College3 years ago
As I've blogged since the beginning, I think l in the long run this will be nothing but good for both Oculus and us Oculus Rift developers.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jeffrey Kesselman on 31st March 2014 6:44pm

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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 3 years ago
I cant help but feel that John Carmack is a bit discouraged by the whole facebook deal.
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