GamesAid cyclists raise 5000

Cologne to Brighton trek successful, applications now open for next year

The third annual Gamescom To Brighton bike ride has finished, raising 5000 (and counting) for this year's GamesAid charities.

"Our group comprised of six riders, one driver and a navigator/masseuse, (an essential for all future trips). All members of the industry and are riding to raise money for GamesAid which supports British based, youth and children's charities," said organiser Cat Channon.


"This is the third year for the cycle which covers 352 miles from Gamescom in Cologne to Brighton, via Dieppe and Newhaven. We cover four countries: Germany, Holland, Belgium and France, it's an awesome trip but comes off the back of one of the hardest work weeks for us all of the year which is what makes it all the more challenging"

This year's riders were Channon, Keef Sloan, James Beavan, Bruce Grove, Hastan Brooks and Julian Benson, with Mark Heath and Deborah Hood in the essential support van.

"It takes three days so it's equivalent to three stages of the tour de France."

There's still time to recognise the team's achievements with a donation, and Channon is already signing up riders for next year's event. Interested parties should contact


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Rob Jessop R&D Programmer, Crytek4 years ago
Well done to the team! Maybe next year we can send some of our cyclists along.
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James Beaven Co Founder and director, Keymailer4 years ago
@Rob: The more the merrier! The route Keef has put together is amazing, and will be even better when some of the roads are finished
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