Temple Run and Minecraft rack up the Christmas downloads

Imangi and Mojang's titles see some Christmas magic

Two independent titles, Temple Run and Minecraft, have seen some absolutely stellar numbers over the Christmas holiday.

Imangi Studios founder Keith Shepherd tweeted that Temple Run had been downloaded 2.5 million times across all platforms on December 25. That breaks down to 1 million downloads on the Apple App Store, 1 million downloads on Google Play, and 500,000 downloads on the Amazon Appstore for Android.

Minecraft creator and Mojang founder Markus Persson also tweeted about his title's success. Minecraft sold 453,000 units all platforms on December 25.

“Across all platforms, Minecraft sold 453k copies on [December 24]! Wowzers!” tweeted Persson. “Sorry, [December 25], not 24.”

This brings Minecraft's total sales to nearly 18 million, based on previous estimates of 17.5 million by Gamespot.

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A factor in establishing brand is the ability to cross promote - I thought you would be interested in seeing the DOE (digital out-of-home entertainment) application of Temple Run:
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That could be the most backward machine I've ever seen. I would be jumping for joy if our upcoming game would see 10% of the succes of Temple Run and an arcade machine, so this isn't a dig on the game, but if it wasn't free and wasn't released relatively early in the whole phone craze, I can't imagine anyone would really care that much about it. Of course, it's definitely a brand now, but who thinks making an arcade machine out of it is a good idea? Especially since, well... everyone already has the game and if not, they can download it, for free, on everything but the kitchen sink. And that probably won't take long either.

Maybe if it was free to play and installed in a bus stop it could get some hands on, but it looks like it has a coin insert? Or maybe if you could win money with it like a kind of next gen gambling machine? But this?

Upside Down 101; "Track ball control simulates smart phone swipe action."
Next up, Canabalt Arcade; "One button simulates smart phone tap action."


Kevin, do you know if any establishment or arcade actually has the machine?

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@Laurens, the game is brand new, but already is deployed in a number of venues (think a TX and a FL, D&B has one).

You have to remember this is not a 'video amusement' machine but is in fact a 'video redemption' (Videmption) machine - like the simplistic redemption ticket machines - the app game is perfect for this sector, not to be confused with the needs on a conventional video amusement piece.
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Ah, I see. Makes much more sense indeed. I didn't notice the ticket redemption thing. You don't see them much over here apart from funfairs, which I haven't visited in a long time. Thanks, Kevin! :)

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@Laurens, this site may help improve your local amusement knowledge:
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