Tetris exec launches startup accelerator

Henk Rogers' Blue Startups looking to invest in gaming, tech companies with Asia Pacific focus

The man who brought Tetris to North America is looking for the next big thing in tech. Henk Rogers, founder of Blue Planet Software and co-owner of The Tetris Company, has established a new accelerator called Blue Startups, and has begun searching for outfits needing investment.

Based in Hawaii, Blue Startups is looking to boost the island's "entrepreneurial ecosystem" by attracting the best and brightest to work in the state. The company has received a notification of funding from the Hawaii Strategic Development Corporation, and will use that money to boost its investment efforts. Given its location, the company will have an Asia Pacific focus, and is looking for new players in the gaming, mobile, online, software, and e-commerce fields.

Companies who receive support from Blue Startups will get $20,000 up front, workspace for up to three people in Honolulu, "and access to more than $100,000 in services." In exchange, Blue Startups will take an equity stake.

"Blue Startups represents the development of Hawaii's entrepreneurial ecosystem," said Rogers. "By attracting talented entrepreneurs to our community, we enhance it. We believe the best will stay in Hawaii. Many will likely build several companies-a powerful dynamic when you're talking about 10 to 20 companies per year."

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Have worked with Mr. Rogers back in the day, when he was Bulletproof Software and the whole Tetris situation. Know he is driven by entrepreneurial fervor, so look forward to what he can achieve to help the new arena of development.

For me - the drive by the modern consumer game scene to be more start-up and low-friction (rather than major corporate entity stye) is amazing. It is like the corporate scene ruined the core drive behind gaming, and the new generation (and burnt executives) are working backwards regaining the bedroom / independent programming enthusiasm - Kickstarter a great example of this (other than the odd corporate hi-jack).
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