GameStop loyalty scheme hits 20m members

Retailer says it "has exceeded our expectations"

Retailer GameStop's PowerUp Rewards loyalty programme can now boast 20 million members.

"The velocity of PowerUp Rewards enrolments has exceeded our expectations," said CEO Paul Raines.

"We are proud of this accomplishment, and excited about creating and establishing a strong relationship with the world's largest video game community."

Two types of membership are available, a free basic membership with loyalty points for money spent and exclusive offers, and a Pro membership costing $14.99 a year that includes discounts, offers on pre-owned games and a year's subscription to Gamer Informer magazine.

GameStop did not reveal how many of the 20 million members were part of the Pro scheme.

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Mike Wells Writer 5 years ago
Not sure this passes the "so what?" test. I bet GAME had a lot of "loyal" customers too, for all the good it did them.
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