Capcom notes industry "recovery" as profits spike

Net profits climb almost 300 per cent, Dragon's Dogma hits 1 million sales

Capcom's second quarter net profits jumped almost 300 per cent as the Japanese publisher observed a "recovery trend" in the video game market.

For the three-month period ending June 30 2012, the company posted revenues of 18.6 billion ($237m / 151m), a 55.8 per cent increase year-on-year. Net profits were 1.3 billion ($17m / 11m), a 290.2 per cent jump over the 338 million posted in the same quarter last year.

Capcom's Digital Contents group, which covers its console, PC and digital products, accounted for the majority of income, reporting 13.7 billion ($175m / 111m) in revenue for the quarter - up 78.8 per cent.

The company noted a "recovery trend" in the video game market, with Dragon's Dogma selling more than 1 million units despite struggling outside of Japan.

Conversely, the social gaming market slowed down, partly due to the crackdown on the "complete gacha" mechanic found in many Japanese social games. However, Capcom still gathered an additional 2 million registered users through new releases and the continuing strong performance of titles like Smurf's Village.

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Rick Lopez Illustrator, Graphic Designer 5 years ago
I guess we will see a whole buncha DLC for dragon dogma, they will probably sell us a real ending and make 4 or 5 mediocre sequels in the span of a year and selling em at 60$ and more DLC for each... until they burn the franchise to the ground and say its a dead franchise.
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