Rock, Paper, Shotgun passes 2.1m uniques

Gaming site says PC platform continues to grow

PC gaming site Rock, Paper, Shotgun has recorded over 2.1 million unique users according to an independent audit by ABC.

"This figure validates our long-held belief that there is a huge, dedicated audience for news and original writing about PC gaming," offered co-director Jim Rossignol.

"We also believe that audience is growing. Increasing interest in the format demonstrates the strength of the PC as a platform, with a growing number of developers and publishers catering to a myriad of gaming tastes."

ABC audited 2,155,355 unique browsers during March 2012, with 14,493,975 page impressions.

"We have reason to be especially pleased with these numbers," added co-director John Walker. "They were reached organically, without employing SEO tricks or link baiting. Rather we set out with a mission to try to be incredibly good. It's rewarding and validating to know that big numbers can be reached purely through good content."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun is a partner site of, publisher of GamesIndustry International.

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Murray Lorden Game Designer & Developer, MUZBOZ5 years ago
Here here.

Well earned. Some of the more interesting writing on the web.

And they are very much into the sorts of games I respect and admire, like Thief. :) And others. But mostly Thief.

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Roberto Bruno Curious Person 5 years ago
Well, it's probably the best PC-related site around, so it's good to know.
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James Gallagher Marketing Manager, Futuremark Corporation5 years ago
"It's rewarding and validating to know that big numbers can be reached purely through good content."
RPS gets so many things right: excellent writing, entertaining comment threads, a site design that doesn't feel like an assault on the senses and critical reviews that are all the better for not having a number at the end. Not to mention treating the smallest indie games with the same respect and attention given to the latest blockbusters. Their success is well deserved.
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