Socialspiel launches new Facebook game

Rockstar Vienna and Deep Silver Games veterans release Tight Lines Fishing

Socialspiel, a studio founded by former Rockstar Vienna and Deep Silver Games developers, has launched a new Facebook title, Tight Lines Fishing.

The competitive angling game already has 30,000 monthly active users, and 4,000 daily active users.

"With Tight Lines Fishing we've created new ways to connect with friends around the world and bring out the angler in all of us," said company co-founder Helmut Hutterer.

"In doing so, we continue our history of creating unique social games with high quality production values and appealing experiences for players and their friends to enjoy."

The studio launched in August last year with the release of browser based board game Push, and was founded by Wolfgang Deutsch and Hutterer of the now closed Rockstar Vienna, and Martin Schreiber and Barbara Fux of Deep Silver.

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To clarify, Tight Lines Fishing is our second game on FB.
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Rachel Weber Senior Editor, GamesIndustry.biz6 years ago
Apologies Helmut, edited for you now.
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Thank you very much Rachel :).
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