Blitz's Blake now deputy chair of Computer Games Skills Council

Kim Blake "focused on improving skills across the games industry"

Kim Blake, senior events and education co-ordinator at Blitz Games Studios, has been appointed as deputy chair of the Computer Games Skills Council.

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to continue working with Skillset and other dedicated developers," said Blake.

"It’s especially important right now, in the wake of the Livingstone-Hope Next Gen report and changes to the Higher Education structure, to keep attention focused on improving skills across the games industry and in HE. Students and developers alike need to enhance and hone their skills to keep up with the constantly-rising creative standards in games." The council is head up by Eidos' Ian Livingstone, and meets quarterly to discuss new ways to support the UK industry through better skill development.

"“Throughout the years the advice and guidance Blitz Games Studios’ have given to young talent has immeasurably improved many courses and through it, the industry at large," added Skillset’s head of development, Saint John Walker.

"They know that by investing in talent in this way both they and the whole games ecosystem wins, and Kim has been instrumental in that. She’s been a great ambassador and member of our council. Having her as Deputy Chair to Ian Livingstone makes for an impressive wealth of experience for Skillset."

Blake started in the industry in 1996 as a project manager with Gremlin Interactive. She joined Blitz in January 2006, where she organises the Blitz Academy Open Days, which provides internal training programmes and career advice to those looking to join the UK games industry.

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Joss Stone10 years ago
Ridiculous! I saw this woman at an event in Birmingham and to say they had no idea about the industry was an understatement - in fact it was embarrassing to watch. I'm no veteran of the industry but I know what a hashtag is! Social media 101!

Id imagine this is Blitz just putting someone in the shoes to be seen.. bad play Blitz should be someone who KNOWS what they are doing and saying.. especially in such an influential role!
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I think we need to review how relevant to the gaming industry the Skillset is in the first instance.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Steven Yau Senior Game Developer, King.com10 years ago
Besides the hashtag, what else made it embarrassing to watch Joss?
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