Capcom signs game streaming deal with Gaikai

Becomes second publisher to provide content for cloud-based streaming service

Browser-based streaming service Gaikai has added Capcom to its list of publishing partners.

The agreement will allow users to stream a select group of Capcom games through a web browser or CCapcom-controlled websites.

"Capcom produces some of the industry's most unique franchises, consistently leading their genres with the highest quality," said Robert Stevenson, senior vice president of interactive entertainment.

"And as a forward thinking publisher who has had great success in the digital space, we're excited to be working closely with them on such properties."

Gaikai stated its ambition to secure content from every game publisher after signing a deal with Electronic Arts last year, though Capcom is only the second major publisher to join its network.

Gaikai's chief strategy officer Nanea Reeves detailed the company's strategy in a recent interview with, including a target of 10 million monthly active users by the autumn.

It also plans to partner with hardware manufacturers to create custom controllers, as well as stream full games beyond the demos of titles currently on offer.

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