New PSVita trademarks confirm NGP rebrand?

Rumours strengthen as Sony takes out two name registrations

Sony Computer Entertainment has registered two new trademarks for the name 'Vita', which would seem to offer further suggestion that this will indeed be the final name of the handheld formerly known as PSP2 and NGP.

Trademark 010017887 for 'PSVita' and 010017861 for 'PlayStation Vita' were taken out on Friday via the EU's Trademarks and Designs Registration Office.

A logo for PSVita was also registered.

The trademarks do not directly specify the goods to which the names will be applied, but rumours that Vita (formerly a development codename) would become the production title of Sony's next handheld last week became persistent.

More details are expected in Sony's pre-E3 press conference, due at 1 AM tomorrow.

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By Brendan Sinclair

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David Wicks Editor / Co-Founder, Gamers Heaven6 years ago
I dont care what they call it, i'll be looking at the screen not the logo :) just tell me when i can but the damn thing! ;) that said it's nice to see a non predictable name leading to the idea PS4 will also be PlayStation "something not 4" there's only so long you can keep with the numbers system without the whole thing getting old...
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Changing the name means the brand that has been built upon will be gone.
Psvita is too ambiguous and if this is true it's a stupid move IMO.
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Greg Knight Freelance Developer 6 years ago
Vita? Latin for life?
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Keith Andrew Freelance Journalist, Keith Andrew Media6 years ago
NGP or PS Vita, it really doesn't matter. It's going to follow the same path as PSP, and ultimately lose out as a result.
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Andrew Goodchild Studying development, Train2Game6 years ago
NGP was always snnounced as a placeholder name, and although it had gained familiarity, 4 years down the line being called "Next Generation Portable" would be cringe worthy.
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Will Sony start selling Diet Shakes now? I dont understand these market depts anymore. =\
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