Minecraft coming to Xbox Live, with Kinect support

Indie sensation gets motion controls this winter

Microsoft's Phil Spencer has announced that smash indie hit Minecraft will be coming to Xbox Live this winter, complete with Kinect-enabled motion controls.

The Scandanavian voxel-based title, developed by Mojang, was announced as a 360 console exclusive, so PlayStation 3 owners will be left disappointed.

"Minecraft is making its console debut this winter exclusively on Xbox 360 and Kinect," announced Spencer.

No more details on pricing or possible Kinect applications were given.

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Daniel Vardy Studying HND IT, De Montfort University6 years ago
for it to work on xbox, the game itself will need to be entirely re-made from the ground up. oh, and dont expect any of the mod support and freedom you would get on the PC version. and kinect support?? really?? ive been watching the E3 stream of it and kinect is quite possibly the least innovative controller out there. all you do is stand there and wave an arm and look like a fool. the industry as a whole needs to stop focusing so heavily on these gimmicks.
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Bonnie Patterson Narrative Designer, Writer 6 years ago
I look forward to punching down a tree with my actual hand.
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Ha this could be quite entertaining actually. Could also out do all of the fitness games for sheer physical exersion on kinect too. :)
And if you thought you looked foolish playing motion games before, imagine how bad you'll look having a panic attack hearing "ssssssssssssss" behind you.
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Wojciech Mroczek Brand Development Manager, Klabater6 years ago
I wonder if there will be texture pack support. Same thing with Sony Ericsson. My texture pack won the official competition and I would love to port it to other devices along with Minecraft. And there are many more great texture packs enhancing the qubic world - It'd be a shame to limit their use to PC and MAC only.

Kinect? Meh...
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