3DS eShop confirmed for June 6/7

Online updates delayed until E3 week but eShop and browser confirmed

The release of the 3DS's eShop and other online feature are to miss their promised May launch, but only by a week - as Nintendo prepares its new services for E3 week.

The North American and European update will be available on June 7, with the Japanese update a day earlier on June 6, according to Japanese magazine Famitsu - as translated by website Andriasang.

Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that the eShop and Internet browser will be included in the update, but has remained uncommitted on other features such as the portable Virtual Console and the ability to transfer DSiWare downloadable titles from a DSi to the 3DS.

"By downloading the free update via a broadband Internet connection, Nintendo 3DS users can enjoy a number of new features and enhancements including an Internet browser and access to the Nintendo eShop, where users can browse and purchase downloadable content," said the company in a short press statement.

Other content apparently mentioned by Famitsu, as translated by website The Magic Box, includes Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version for 200 ($2.50/1.70) and Petitcom for 800 ($9.90/6.90), as well as Nintendo's 3D Classic range of remastered NES titles including Excitebike, The Legend of Zelda and Xevious.

The Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Sega Game Gear and PC Engine/Turbografx is also believed to be supported from launch in Japan on the Virtual Console, along with demos of a 3D movie player, 3D game preview channel and content from Japanese television channels.

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Latest comments (6)

Stephen McCarthy Studying Games Technology, Kingston University8 years ago
wait, they making people pay to test Man Legends 3?
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I'd love to be wrong, but I'm fairly certain the web browser will be useless. Its only just adequate on my Android phone (Galaxy S), which has a mountain more CPU and RAM. The web store is much more important, here's hoping its properly integrated into the overall system (i.e. you get some notification of updates on the main screen!).
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Daniel Hughes Studying PhD Literary Modernism, Bangor University8 years ago
Michael, I imagine they'll use the notification feature on 3DS to post updates to users about what's available on the eShop. I'd also assume that since Virtual Console is part of the eShop, that it will launch with the update, even if Nintendo of Europe haven't specifically stated it will. This is a global update, so I'd be surprised if there's much variation in terms of what is available in each region.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.8 years ago
So it will launch the day of their E3 Media Conference. Makes sense.

Michael, I've used the browser on the DSi at times and it worked well enough for the short moment it was needed. Same with the browser on the Wii. I suspect the browser in the 3DS will work just the same if not better for quick moments.

It's also designed such that if you get stuck in a game, you can pause it, call up the web browser, search for hints, bring up the Game Notes feature, write them down or draw a map and then return to the game with quick access to your Game Notes.
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Daniel Growns IT Engineer 8 years ago
Jimmy, you wont have to bring up Game notes as they've confirmed that the browser will be usable while other software is suspended (which is great!)
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Patrick Frost QA Project Monitor 8 years ago
So is this how their E3 conference is going to go?

"We've just.... just now released the amazing 3DS store and now we can spend 15mins of our conference patting ourselves on the back about it".

This was meant to be a release feature. Not impressed.
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