Fils-Aime: 3DS and Pokemon took priority over Wii

Sparse release schedule a result of company's focus on handheld

Reggie Fils-Aime has told press that the sparse first-party release schedule for the Wii this year is largely the result of Nintendo focusing on getting 3DS out to market.

Nintendo's only currently scheduled big title for Wii is Zelda: Skyward Sword - with Kirby's Epic Yarn and Mario Sports Mix its only recent releases. However, that will change, said Fils-Aime, claiming the company has not abandoned its console.

"We have had to effectively prepare for the launch of 3DS as well as effectively prepare for the launch of Pokémon Black and White," Fils-Aime told IGN.

"Candidly, we've pushed out some Wii launches so we can focus on our handheld business. We're already juggling two big balls. To add a third would be a little bit challenging. Or a fourth or a fifth.

"We're waiting to space things out and let Pokémon Black and White and 3DS live and breathe out there. But there's content coming and we'll be sharing more in the weeks ahead. We'll be bringing some content out before E3 and then certainly at E3 we'll be sharing some news."

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Wesley Williams Quality Assurance 8 years ago
The back 9 of this year better be bloody good now Reggie. You've got a lot of making up to do.
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Terence Gage Freelance writer 8 years ago
So, is he suggesting that all of their internal development studios and external partnered development studios are busy on 3DS development? I find that a little hard to believe.

The Wii had a good 2010 in terms of software releases, but throughout its life the first- and second-party releases have tended to come in waves. I would like to see Ninty address this issue (although some may not think it's an 'issue') with more consistent releases in future. I feel the need to make an analogy about buses...
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Wesley Williams Quality Assurance 8 years ago
You're right Terence and I think it's more obvious on the Wii because of the lack of quality 3rd party support to fill in the gaps. However, I think I'm right in suggesting that 1st/2nd party releases have been a lot more frequent than they were on the GameCube, so at least they're moving the right direction. I do really hate not knowing what's coming out this year though.
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Mihai Cozma Indie Games Developer 8 years ago
The only think I can tell you about my Wii is that it's one of the worst entertainment related investments I have ever made, and only seeing it laying there in dust reminds me I must be way more careful with such investments.
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The wii actually started really good, it was a real shame that it got suddenly abandoned. It makes me sad to see MY Wii collecting dust as it has been ever since I was done with Prime3
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Art C. Jones Writer / Blogger 8 years ago
I personally thought last year on the Wii may have been the best.
Quality Core games were more plentiful than in years past with Sin & Punishment 2, Monster Hunter 3, Tatsunoku vs. Capcom, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and Goldeneye all standing out as GREAT games. Then there was my personal favorite game of the year: Super Mario Galaxy 2, which has one of the best Metatcritic review scores ever, and for good reason. It's encapsulated joy, discovery, and a tour de force of game play.

Fun party games Honestly, Harmonix could take some pages from the Just Dance series, Guilty Party was a great game for families, and Wii Party was a surprising hit at our place with unique game-play using the Wii remote speaker that was some of the more innovative game play I played last year.

There was quirky/arty with Kirby's Canvas Curse & Fragile Dreams, the best swordplay motion control available in any game (and perhaps the best motion-controlled game last year on any platform) in Red Steel 2, and a game that was surprisingly much better with motion controls in NBA Jam. (emphatic dunking with motion controls just feels so good!)

Then there was Endless Ocean 2, which I personally loved. I wish we'd see more games coming out that push the boundaries of "nature games." I watch documentaries on nature all the time, but few games exist that cover the same territory, Arika always gets it right.

Neither Epic Mickey or Metroid: Other M set the world on fire, but each has supporters who think everyone else is crazy for not enjoying the games.

Altogether, dismissing last year as a bad year I find mind-boggling :).

I think the biggest issue most people have the Wii is they aren't playing it :).
I talk to people who haven't played anything in the last year and then tell me the Wii is horrible. I certainly agree that not playing anything on it is horrible, but I don't see how you can not play and feel you have an opinion on the quality of what you haven't played ;).

If you missed out on the fun to be had on the Wii last year, now is a good time to go get it (after all it's now cheaper to get any of the 16 games I listed above than it was when they were first released ;).

Edited 2 times. Last edit by Art C. Jones on 9th March 2011 5:58pm

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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.8 years ago
Well said, Russell. I tend to find people that don't like the Wii or haven't played theirs in a long time look at the supersaturated low budgets products as the only thing available on the system. They stop looking for the quality titles and then blame the console for their own lack of research. Far too many also just buy into the fanboy hate and don't bother looking into it themselves. Some people just can't accept good games for being good games without some irrational association tying them to other types of games on the system.

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Haven Tso Web-based Game Reviewer 8 years ago
I must agree with you Russell. There were quite a number of high profile games released last year on the Wii but it seems that bad press sells more paper. All the games you mentioned were great games indeed.

I must say I didn't play the Wii as much as I used to with the Cube but simply dismissing it as having no games is ill-informed and irresponsible (especially with journalist and industry practitioners). Among the games you pointed out I enhjoyed:

Monster Hunter Tri; Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and Donkey Kong Country Returns

Also there are non-high profile but great quality games on the Wii last year too:

Fragile Dream is a rare gem, Batman: The Brave and The Bold was a very pleasant surprise, and I even re-discovered the beauty of Little King Story which was release before last year.

I think Wii did have a constant stream of good games come out in 2010 but the world trend seems to be "lets bash the console cos it's fun to bash Nintendo to raise the esteem of hardcore gaming".

The interesting thing is the games that you pointed out are mostly "hardcore" games that people refused to try and just jump to conclusion. If people look at the score for games like Monster Hunter Tri and not to mention Super Mario Galaxy 2, they will know that a number of games on Wii are far from mediocre.
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Mihai Cozma Indie Games Developer 8 years ago
Well, I never owned a Nintendo console prior to buying the Wii.

After a while of playing the sports and some Star Wars Unleashed games (any Wii owner wanted a sword fighting games, maybe this one was the worst to try), I thought of buying the first Nintendo made game: Super Smash Brawl. While a bit fun while playing with friends, the game is not for the hardcore gamer.

Maybe if I would have been a Nintendo fan since its first consoles I would have appreciated it. I hate platformers in general, and Nintendo has a bunch of them, I got the Wii for the 3rd party titles that take advantage of the Wiimote, like sword fighting games, aiming games and such, but there were few worthy releases back then that got the motion input right.

Last year might have been ok from the titles point of view, but I already got a PS3 and got hooked into the Demon's Souls thing and never looked at the Wii again (I don't own a HD TV, so it's not the graphics that were better in Demon's Souls :) ).

I will take a look at the last year's releases and see if I can find something worthy of playing there.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.8 years ago
Mihai, I'll grant that Super Smash Brothers Brawl is not a traditional fighting game but it's most certainly more than a party game and tides over many a hardcore gamer. Would have been even more so if they ever fixed the frustrating online component (they got Mario Kart Wii online right so I never understood why SSBB had problems).

To be honest, I hate the term hardcore gamer and hardcore game. Because gamers come in dozens of playing styles and affinities. I fall into the commonly perceived notion of a hardcore gamer yet absolutely loved Kirby's Epic Yarn....commonly perceived as a casual game. Or take Wii Sports for instance. Many consider it a casual game but I played it the way a so called hardcore gamer would by making Pro level on all sports. Games are games...players are players. We all play up to the level of effort that we feel is warranted and the game genres and sty;es that appeal to us. Splitting us and the games into 2 polar segments is not just a irritation of mine but I believe it's harming the industry as a whole. This or that, us or them, etc.... It's sad that the fanobys have dictated this generations terminology, and their definitions, and worse that the industry, media and fans have bought into it.
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