Jagex announces publishing partnership scheme for UK devs

Project Ignite to help small studios promote online titles - requires TIGA membership and takes a share of the profits

UK studio Jagex has today revealed the extent of its previously-stated plans to move into publishing.

Project Ignite is a publishing partnership programme intended to help promote and distribute browser-based games from small UK developers.

The Cambridge-based Runescape firm will take a share of any proceeds, with the games' creators retaining all IP rights.

The scheme is backed by industry association TIGA, and requires any developers wishing to participate in Project Ignite to have (or to obtain) 'Copper'-level TIGA membership.

Submissions will then be made to a TIGA panel, with successful applicants gaining a spot on the scheme.

"Many developers have fantastic ideas and games but they struggle with distribution and marketing," stated Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard.

"At Jagex we already have an established user base of over 120 million people actively playing our games and giving us feedback. Building this community has taken a great deal of time and energy and it very difficult for small developers to build a network like this overnight.

"Our vision is that Jagex Game Studios will be a hub for original, creative browser based games from developers all over Europe and beyond. We are interested in hearing from any TIGA developers who have a great game they want to get in front of millions of potential customers."

Added TIGA boss Richard Wilson, "For us the aim of the project is to provide another benefit to our members and to promote innovation, nurture fresh talent and allow developers to publish for their games while still retaining their origin IP and independence."

Project Ignite kicks off later this year. Further details on how to apply are available here.

For more information on Jagex, check out the company's Global Business Directory listing.

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Latest comments (5)

Jordan Woodward Level Designer, Rebellion Developments7 years ago
This sounds like a great idea. Should help a few more smaller studios to pop up in the UK.
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Geraint Bungay Online Publishing Director, Supermassive Games7 years ago
Good luck. Sounds like a great way for people to break into the industry.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Eloy Ribera CEO, Ninja Fever7 years ago
Very good news that more and more "indie programs" are being announced. Still, I think restricting the program to the UK (you have to be member of TIGA) puts this initiative in a second level for many indie devs.

I think Blitz has a similar program, without geographical restrictions.

BTW, good news for UK indie devs, indeed.
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Show all comments (5)
I suspect its a case of starting locally, and if successful opening its doors internationally.
0Sign inorRegisterto rate and reply
Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 7 years ago
Fantastic and best of luck!
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