Cage: Move needs core games for long-term success

"If it's only about casual entertainment I don't think it's going to play a big role in the life of the console," says Quantic Dream founder

Heavy Rain director David Cage has said that Sony's motion controller Move needs to have the support of all software genres for it to add any significant length to the lifecycle of the PlayStation 3.

"It really depends on the software because the hardware works really well," Cage told

"If it's only about casual entertainment and casual games I don't think it's going to play a big role in the life of the console. If it can get more support from triple-A titles then that will be interesting."

Sony's first-party studios are incorporating the Move tech in titles such as Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo 5, and Cage's team at Quantic Dreams is currently adding Move functionality to hit core title Heavy Rain - a process that the studio has dedicated significant resources to.

The Move peripheral launches next week in the UK, and is part of Sony's ten year plan for the PlayStation 3.

Cage's comments follow those of Ubisoft's Alain Corre, who suggested that both Sony's Move and Microsoft's Kinect won't be able to extend the cycle of the current home consoles in the long-term, although they can provide short term boosts for the system.

"It's a good extension of the lifecycle for a certain length of time and it's also a good way to capture some consumers they didn't have on the casual side," said Corre.

"Now, will it prevent them from releasing brand new technology in the next five years? I don't think so."

Cage himself is an advocate of mature games created for adults, and believes mature entertainment is underrepresented in videogames.

He expects Heavy Rain to benefit from a modest increase in sales when the Move compatible version is released later this year, and was pleased that Sony is making a patch available to owners of the game for free.

"I think we're going to get some sales of the game by releasing this version, which is of course why Sony asked us to do it. Is it going to sell zillions of copies? I don't know, I think people who were already interested in the game have already bought it.

"I'm also glad that those people have access to a free patch for the new version of Heavy Rain. For some the (DualShock) controller was maybe a barrier, and hopefully they'll pick up the game with Move."

The full interview with David Cage can be read here.

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Latest comments (8)

Terence Gage Freelance writer 9 years ago
I broadly agree with him; I think if people want an onus on 'casual' mini-game style compilations, they would rather buy or will already have picked up a Wii. I think Sony needs to make sure that Move supports a mixture of genres, and features some of the genres that don't appeal solely to one demographic (i.e. such as platformers, racers or adventure games), as well as building some of their more 'core' games around it the tech.

I think to really invigorate sales they need some excellent Move exclusives, but I appreciate that at the moment most games seem to offer either controller option, as it's a safer strategy as far as the software sales go.

Anyway, I think it will be interesting, and I look forward to seeing what developers like Quantic Dream or thatgamecompany can do with the hardware.
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Private Industry 9 years ago
Core games are not only needed to extend the life of the PS3, if this is even needed for the next 2 years there are so many great games coming. But core games and many companies supporting it is required to keep Move alive otherwise it could end up like EyeToy.

Having both controller options for the most games is a big plus for me and it`s something I always thought Nintento should do on the Wii to offer for the most games an option to play with a standard controller.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.9 years ago
Werner, a lot of Wii titles do offer alternative control options. Especially those from Nintendo. Though there are many titles that are simply impossible to do with a standard input methods.
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Haven Tso Web-based Game Reviewer 9 years ago
Yeah Generally Move needs to distinguish itself from Wiimote and establish itself as a must have peripheral. Been playing Resident Evil 4 Wii edition lately. While the Wiimote excels in certain aspects of the control system, some other just feels awkward and tag on. However, I generally do agree that it enhances the original Cube version. So if Capcom releases Resident Evil 6 (I know they are adding Move function to 5 but then I don't know whether it will move further copies after the Gold Edition) with full Move support, it can definitely help Move to establish itself. Also I'm interested to see how Scorcery plays out when released.
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Andrew Clayton QA Weapons Tester, Electronic Arts9 years ago
I agree with the general consensus here. I'd also like to add that this is the primary reason why I don't see myself buying Kinect in the next year or more. There's no point in buying a peripheral when it only has spinoff titles already perfected on the Wii. If the Move and Kinect don't get some sort of AAA titles involved, I don't see either of them lasting much farther than a year.
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Justin Alderman News Editor, Brutal Gamer9 years ago
@Haven Tso - RE4 on the Wii is great but it's not a good example of controls done right on the Wii. Try Metroid Prime 3, CoD Reflex, Conduit. Any of the shooters that tie the Wiimote's IR to the camera control. Once you get used to it a dual analog setup seems clumsy.
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Filipe Duarte Pina Director, Nerd Monkeys9 years ago
I agree with Mr. Cage.
That is why we are pushing the Move with an RTS. It was not possible to have this level of control before and now we have so it makes sense to do it.
But you always have to support the main controller, in this case, the Dualshock3. Otherwise you are limiting the market.
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Private Industry 9 years ago
I think 99% of the games (except games like start the party where the camera is doing the job) using either Move or Wii remote can be adapted to work good with standard controller, maybe not always as good but still as good as possible for both methods. Of course that requires companies to actually put a bit of extra work into the game to use both versions useful and Nintendo didn`t start with supporting standard controls until a few years after the Wii launched.

As it stands the only advantage left for the Wii is the lower price, but that comes at the cost of hardware that was already outdated at the launch.
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