Xaitment secures extra development funding

AI middleware developer banks €2.4 million for growth

German AI middleware developer Xaitment has secured €2.4 million (£1.98 m) in investment funding, largely from the Triangle Venture Capital Group, with co-investment from ERP Startfonds.

The company, which produces out-of-the-box AI solutions to game developers, will use the money to continue its business expansion, as well as improving the five development tools which it currently offers to market.

"AI middleware is an exciting topic of discussion in game development circles and has the most potential for growth. Xaitment’s AI solutions bring the time and cost saving percentages that game developers need in this extremely competitive field of gaming," said Xaitment CEO Andreas Gerber.

"With these strong partners at hand, we have the power to speed up our sales and development, and to guarantee our first-class, 24 hour support worldwide. We are looking confidently into the future knowing the huge potential our tools bring to game studios around the world."

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