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Armies of Exigo Multi-Player Demo Tournament: King of BattleGrounds

Budapest, Hungary, April 21 - Black Hole Entertainment and AOX Tactics team up to launch massive online player tournaments for Armies of Exigo (AoX) fans.

Armies of Exigo, a recently released real-time strategy game developed by Black Hole Entertainment, spawned several official gaming leagues prior to its release by publisher Electronic Arts. The multi-player demo version was first used to organise underground AoX tournaments.

The ground-breaking fantasy RTS features elves, beasts, knights and creatures of the darkness who for the first time ever battle both above and below ground. The innovative below ground battle sequences allow armies to tunnel below the surface to launch surprise attacks on unsuspecting surface enemies. Armies of Exigo has been specially designed for players who are fond of RTS games who enjoy employing both Macro and Micro skills. "It is rare that a true RTS comes along that excites us die hard fans of the old school." - says AOX Tactics tourney organizer Antonio "iKill4FuN" Willybiro. "The game is perfectly designed for tournament style competition and the battles are both challenging and fun. These elements combined with great game-play are ideal for hosting all-inclusive tournaments for both new and experienced players alike."

Online registration for the Armies of Exigo MP Demo Tournament is now open at www.aoxtactics.com/tourney, and the event will start on April 30 at 16:00 GMT (11:00 EST, 08:00 PST, 01:00 SEOUL). The multi-player demo can be downloaded from www.blackholegames.com , www.aox.ea.com , www.3dgamers or www.fileplanet.com . Check out Armies of Exigo videos at www.aoxtactics.com .


Ildiko Berecz, Black Hole Entertainment, info@blackholegames.com

Antonio Willybiro, AOX Tactics, info@aoxtactics.com

About Black Hole Entertainment

Black Hole Entertainment is a pioneer developer of computer games. The company was founded in 2001 by Hollywood producer Andrew G. Vajna and seven game-enthusiasts. Their first title "Armies of Exigo" was published by Electronic Arts at the end of 2004. Today, the Budapest-based studio is home to over 50 developers: artists, designers and engineers. Black Hole Entertainment is a subsidiary of Cinergi Interactive LLC. More information can be found at www.blackholegames.com

About AOX Tactics

AOX tactics is a community web site that brings together people from all parts of the world to get new experience, to share skills, knowledge or just thoughts with the view of making a more interesting and fun Armies of Exigo player experience. More information can be found at www.aoxtactics.com.

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