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Take control of units from Magnus in a fight against Licinius.

Meridian Digital Entertainment, the developer behind the popular and awesome Alive 4-ever & Alive 4-ever RETURNS (among other cool games) takes tactical strategy games to a whole new level with their latest title, Armageddon, scheduled to hit the App Store for Apple iPhone TM and Apple iPod touch ® by mid-July.

In Armageddon it is your job to take control and play the commander of units from Magnus in a fight again Licinius, who has turned the country into a state of inhumane dictatorship with no care or interest in its people: Licinius only cares about power and greed, and it is crucial that you successfully fight the opponent to restore peace and order to your country.

As a commander, you control the flow of your own units, tailoring them to suit missions at hand, and ensuring your own bases are secure and untouchable. The game consists of a customize commander system, unit against system, and a versus (2-player) system. You can change and equip different types of special moves that are obtained through “boss stages”, and a new special move becomes available as each enemy boss is defeated at the end of each level. The maximum amount of special moves you can achieve is 3, and survival bonuses and stage clear bonuses are awarded for excellent performance in commanding your unit. An example of a special move is the Starlight which increases your energy level with 1000 points; another cool special move is the Giant Bomber that destroys a certain amount of units within a specific range.

Armageddon features a unique and cool versus system that allows two players to battle each other through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth (requires Apple OS 3.0 or later). In this mode you have the opportunity to completely destroy and embarrass your friends in the ultimate strategy game between good and evil, democracy and dictatorship!

Complete Feature List For Armageddon:

ü Head-To-Head against another player via Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi.

ü Strategically upgrade units and tailor commander configurations.

ü 16 different types of units.

ü 70 stages available to keep you busy!

ü 8 special moves.

ü 3 unique game modes.

ü More than 40 achievements through OpenFeint Support.

ü Fabulous visual effects.

ü Incredible background music and realistic sound effects.

Armageddon Trailer is available here:

Additional information about Armageddon and other games from Meridian Digital Entertainment can be found by visiting the developer website at:

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