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Armageddon Empires

Free "Tip of the Spear" mini-expansion released for turn-based strategy effort.


“Alright you miserable maggots, so you’re sick of getting radioactive sand kicked in your face by those mecha and armor jocks. Well we’re going to do something about that. Some of you will be given advanced training at our Imperial Academy. Most of you will survive and you’ll be the better for it…more capable to serve the Empire and drive these abominations from the face of Terra. So which one of you is first?”

-- Sergeant Major Vassily Crookshank, 10th Imperial Infantry Legion

Tip of the Spear is a free mini expansion pack available now for Armageddon Empires. You must own the Armageddon Empires game in order to have access to this new content. Features include:

2 New Infantry-type Rules for ground combat: Fire and Maneuver and Combined Arms. 12 New special Advanced Training enhancement cards Improved Assassination and Sabotage rules Optional Fuel Cost rule to increase the game's challenge Download the update at Cryptic Comet Inc. is an independent game company dedicated to creating turn based strategy games for the real time impaired.

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Vic Davis

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