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Introducing the NAPA – National Party – the sixth and final ARMA II faction video is released.

Milton Keynes UK, March 13th – 505 Games and Bohemia Interactive today introduce the final faction from the upcoming military simulator game

ARMA II. The sixth piece of Intel takes an in-depth look at the National Party guerrillas and has been declassified for immediate analysis at

“We have to show common citizens that our actions are focused on rooting out the evil, not on punishing anyone based on their nationality. Disarm the ordinary armed men, but eliminate all commissars, commanders and functionaries ruthlessly“

- Soldier’s Handbook, allegedly by Prizrak, supreme warlord of NAPA

The final faction of the series; The NAPA faction consists of nationalist guerrillas - an underground movement lacking sophisticated and modern weapons. However their knowledge of the country, military expertise from past civil wars and an established underground network make them serious opponents to both separatists from the Red Star movement as well as Government Forces.

In this latest video update take a journey with the Chernarussian underground movement and explore their way of thinking, the equipment they use and their will for domination. The NAPA faction aim to secure a slice of the small country chained to the threat of an upcoming civil war.

ARMA II will be available in 2009.

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For more information please contact:

Mark Allen

European Consumer Communications Manager

505 Games Ltd.

+44 (0)1908 607772

About 505 Games

505 Games, headquartered in Milton Keynes is dedicated to the publishing and international distribution of full price, mid-range and budget computer and videogames in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) markets and Australia. The current portfolio includes the best selling games Cooking Mama, ArmA: Armed Assault, Bust-a-Move and Armored Core and covers all gaming platforms, including next generation consoles like Sony PlayStation® 3, Nintendo Wii™ and Microsoft Xbox 360™. For More information on 505 Games and its products please visit

About Bohemia Interactive

Bohemia Interactive is an independent game development company, with studios in Czech Republic and Australia, founded in 1999, that focuses on developing state of the art computer software and the research of advanced real time 3D graphics, artificial intelligence and physical simulation technologies for real-time interactive environments. Bohemia Interactive's products include computer games ARMA: Armed Assault (ARMA Combat Operations in North America), Operation Flashpoint and military simulations VBS1 and VBS2. Visit for more information.

*505 Games is publishing ArmA II in Europe, excluding Germany, Switzerland and Austria

**Operation Flashpoint is registered Trademark of Codemasters Software Company Ltd. The game was developed by Bohemia Interactive and published by Codemasters. ARMA 2 is developed by Bohemia Interactive a.s., which is not affiliated with, authorized by or related to the Operation Flashpoint trademark owner.

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