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Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead

Mods, missions and movies in line-up for community awards.

Prague, Czech Republic – 3 rd February 2011Bohemia Interactive together with NaturalPoint and RockPaperShotgun.com today announces the end of the nomination stage of the “2010 Community Awards”. The Bohemia Interactive Community Awards is an event which invites the extensive Arma and Arma 2 community to nominate and vote for their favorite fan made content.

The nomination phase officially ended yesterday, 2 nd February. Each category now has its five finalists:

Best Mod / Addon

A.C.E. - Advanced Combat Environment VDV Commando Assault Airborne Artillery and Logistic by R3F Island Lingor ACRE - Advanced Combat Radio Environment Best Mission / Campaign Campaign fury bear. Act-1: Operation Horse Warfare BE Operation Cobalt Takistan Force by Bon_Inf Insurgency Best User Created Movie Epidemic Freedom ·         Through Their Eyes

·         De oppresso liber

Sons of Valor Best Community Website Armaholic.com ARMA.at.ua Comunidade Combate Tatico Operation Reality Community Armedassault.info Best Community Member Smersh IceBreaker Sickboy Foxhound Kju  

The voting stage for the Community Awards is opened now so we ask everyone to head over to the online voting form at www.arma2.com! The voting stage lasts until February 28th 2011 12:00PM CET!

All details including the competition´s conditions are described at Bohemia´s homepage at www.bistudio.com and on Arma 2 website at www.arma2.com

Arma 2: Private Military Company, the latest expansion of the Arma 2 series is available now! Check out the project´s homepage and learn more about Arma 2: Combined Operations - a unique collection of the original Arma 2 and the massive standalone expansion pack, Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead.

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Media Contacts:

Bohemia Interactive

Michal Harangozo

Email: michal.harangozo@bistudio.com

Tel: +420 910 059 266

About Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead

Arma 2 is based on the latest generation technology, offering a large-scale game world, authentic and extremely detailed modern units, weapons, vehicles and environments, challenging single player and a vast array of multiplayer options.

Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead takes place three years after the conflict in Chernarus, portrayed in the original Arma 2, a new flashpoint explodes in the Green Sea region and coalition forces led by the US Army are sent to Takistan to quickly restore peace and prevent further civilian casualties in this standalone expansion pack to the best military simulator of 2009 – Arma 2.

Building upon the success of Bohemia Interactive's critically acclaimed Arma 2 (Most PC Game of 2009), Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead offers a brand new gameplay experience with a range of new content, features, and engine development.

Expanding the scope of the 'Armaversum', this flashpoint shifts the focus to a new theatre of war. The Central Asian setting boasts fully destructible and interactive environments, which offer the signature gameplay you've come to expect from the creators of the genre-defining Operation Flashpoint*.

Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead has been enlarged by two expansions in late 2010 - Arma 2: British Armed Forces and Arma 2: Private Military Company.

About Bohemia Interactive

Established in 1999 in Prague, Czech Republic, Bohemia Interactive is an independent game development studio that focuses on developing original state of the art computer entertainment and simulation software, including the research of proprietary advanced real-time 3D graphics, artificial intelligence and physical simulation technologies for real-time interactive environments.

Operation Flashpoint*, Bohemia Interactive's debut game published by Codemasters in 2001, became the No. 1 bestselling PC game around the world and has won many international awards, including “Game of The Year” and “Best Action Game.” Over two million copies of Operation Flashpoint have been sold since its release.

Bohemia Interactive’s second major release, ArmA: Armed Assault, followed in 2007 and sold over half million copies on PC through various local publishing partners.

Arma 2, the latest hit in the series of realistic military simulators, released worldwide during summer 2009 was placed in the top positions of official PC charts around the world immediately following its release. Arma 2 won "Most PC" Game in the 2009 PC Gamer Awards.

Following the release of Arma2 was the standalone expansion pack Arma2: Operation Arrowhead, the massive expansion was strongly received by both critics and fans alike, reviews considered it as surpassing the previous title and building on the strong Milsim heritage. “Armaverse” was then expanded further by the hugely popular British Armed Forces (BAF) DLC released in 2010.

Bohemia successfully finished the full acquisition of several experienced Czech development teams. Altar Games, Black Element Software and Centauri Production development studios will continue to operate both individually and cooperatively on various projects, as part of Bohemia Interactive.

Bohemia Interactive won the Best PC Game Developer award for 2001 at London’s ECTS exhibition and Rookie Studio of the Year award at GDC 2002.

http://www.bistudio.com/ ; I  http://community.bistudio.com ; I  http://forums.bistudio.com/

*Operation Flashpoint"™ is a trademark of Codemasters.

About NaturalPoint

Based in Corvallis, Oregon, NaturalPoint® designs and manufactures the TrackIR™, OptiTrack™, and SmartNAV™ product lines. With a rapidly growing and enthusiastic user base, over 100 supported titles, and a product in its 5th generation, TrackIR has a long history of supporting pioneering gaming titles. It is the highest-selling head tracker in the world and represents the industry standard for optical motion tracking for PC gaming. Visit www.trackir.com for more information.

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