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Arkedo Series - 03 PIXEL!

Xbox LIVE Indie Games platformer where you can "zoom into some pixels to do nice things".

Name: Arkedo Series - 03 PIXEL!

Genre: Blue Dot-Matrix Platformer

Price: 240 MS points

Publisher&Developer: Arkedo Studio / Pastagames

Platform: XBOX 360 - Indie Games

Release Date: 22nd December 2009

Game in motion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mdrag9lynQ&fmt=18

Get the game: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/games/media/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-



Introducing Arkedo Series - 03 PIXEL!, a joint labor of love by Pastagames and Arkedo. Mummy gave the beauty and the blue backgrounds, Daddy gave the wits and the smooth controls. The result is an easy-to-pick 2D platformer where you can zoom into some pixels to do nice things.


• One adorable blue digital kitten,

• Many adorable yet deadly foes,

• 7 Worlds to explore. With checkpoints.

• Amazing dot-matrix visuals, only made possible by current-gen HD consoles.

Price and availability

All Arkedo Series cost 240 MS points, so approx. the asking price for a nice Latte. They can be found on the XBL Indie. Huge difference with the Latte. (XBL Indie Channel is a section of the XBOX 360 Marketplace.)

About the Arkedo Series:

The Series are a little experiment Arkedo always wanted to make: is it possible to release a game a month on the Indie section of the XBL Marketplace? The idea is to make simple games, a lot of them, and hopefully have many people enjoying them. As already stated, the games will be priced 240 MS points, even the good ones.

Already available :

Arkedo Series - 01 JUMP! Arkedo Series - 02 SWAP!

(Marketplace Link) (Marketplace Link)

Coming Soon: Arkedo Series - 04 SLASH!

About Arkedo

Arkedo is a Paris-based studio comprised of five game developers, and focused on making arcade games with a twist. Their dream is to make Arkedo Series for a living. Founded in early 2006, the studio’s award winning DS titles (Nervous Brickdown, Big Bang Mini) were well received by the public and the press. Arkedo’s secret plan to rule the world includes quirky and witty games, and a good amount of patience. Learn more by visiting www.arkedo.com, and demand an update.

Contact: Camille Guermonprez - Arkedo Studio - (+33) 6 61 61 62 50 - camille@arkedo.com


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