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Argonaut redundancies officially announced

The administrators of financially crippled developer Argonaut Games have formally announced the redundancy of the firm's staff to the board of the company and its investors,

In a terse statement issued to the City today, the administrators said that they "have informed the Board of Argonaut Games PLC that the employees of Argonaut Software Limited have been made redundant with effect from Friday 29th October due to the lack of funds to continue operations."

These layoffs, which we originally reported earlier this week, represent the final death knell for Argonaut's head offices in Edgware, following the earlier closure of the Sheffield studio formerly known as Particle Systems and the layoff of a large number of staff from Edgware two weeks previously.

Several former employees of the firm have publicly expressed concern at the lack of any payment of redundancy pay and even in some in some cases of salaries owed to staff.

Today's short statement does nothing to clarify this situation, saying only that "the Board is considering the residual financial position of Argonaut Games PLC and will update shareholders once further information is available."

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