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Are You Ready For A Little R&R?

Mixing elements of card-based games, competitive fighting classics, and fantasy RPGs, Rise & Ruin will bring to players' web browsers a level of 3D graphics normally reserved for console games.


TORONTO, CANADA - (March 12, 2007) - Veil Entertainment and Spore Productions are pleased to announce the development of Rise & Ruin, an online, card-based, fantasy combat game set for release for both PC and Mac this spring.

'We're excited to be working on a project that combines the best of what we love from three distinct genres,' says Geoffrey MacDougall, Producer and Lead Designer. 'We've had this idea for a while and are pleased that web-based technology has reached the point where we can achieve our vision for strategically complex, character-driven, and fast-paced game play.'

Rise & Ruin will feature 600 attack, defense, and specialty cards building on 4 core combat skills, 4 unique defense skills, 5 diverse magic skills, and 12 specialty categories. The cinematic action and adrenaline-driven sequences triggered by each card will add visual intensity to the strategic card collection and deck-building. The RPG-style character development - skills and attributes that modify the cards - will foster an in-game community similar to those found in more traditional MMOGs.

Rise & Ruin players will be able to challenge each other to dramatic online duels and participate in organized tournaments. They will customize their avatars to reflect their personal style. Players will even be able to train their characters and trade cards with their friends through their mobile phones. Similar to other micro-transaction-based games, players will have the unrestricted option of playing for free, for as long as they wish, with additional perks and content available for purchase within the game.

Rise & Ruin is being produced through the financial support of Telefilm Canada, Administrator of The Canada New Media Fund, funded by the Department of Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada.

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Contact Information:

Rise & Ruin

Geoffrey MacDougall

E-mail: info@riseandruin.com

Web Site: www.RiseAndRuin.com

About Veil Entertainment Inc.

Veil Entertainment is a Canadian-based games developer and consulting firm. Clients and projects of Veil include Sulake Canada / Habbo Hotel Canada, Iron Realms Entertainment / Earth Eternal, Corus Entertainment / GalaXeeds, Play ay Joe's / MLB: Play ball! and Ultimate Sudoku, and Xenophile / ReGenesis Extended Reality Project. Rise & Ruin is Veil Entertainment's first independently-produced title.

About Spore Productions

Spore Productions is an interactive entertainment developer specializing in web and downloadable games, advergaming, portable gaming and Flash based media. Based in Ontario, Canada, Spore was founded in the late 90's by former console game producer and artist René 'Ray' Boutin.

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