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Are You Alright?

Emergency room escapades on the iPhone.

Being a chief doctor in an emergency room is no easy task! Especially not when your name is Chloe, and your father has a whole range of medical inventions that other hospitals are potentially interested in buying, but only if you, playing Chloe, can convince everyone the machines work correctly and heal patients successfully before their health points disappear!

Your task as chief doctor is to gain prestige. To complete levels, and move on to more advanced ones, you need to treat patients quickly enough to maintain their health, and the better you are at operating the machines inside the emergency room, the more prestige the hospital will gain. Did you ever dream about taking patient’s blood pressure, using X-Ray machines, taking blood samples and issue prescriptions? “Are You Alright?” offers this, and a lot more! And if you are good enough you will earn enough money and prestige to upgrade the machines to have better functionality allowing you to more quickly, and more efficiently, treat patients as they enter the emergency room.

The game has two modes of play: Attack Mode has 50 levels of game-play while Story Mode, featuring 10 countries, has an impressive 70 levels! As part of the game you will be exposed to a significant number of different patients such as housewives, police officers, gangsters, senior citizens and politicians just to name a few, all with varying personalities and medical needs! And you best be giving the patients the optimal treatment or you will lose your job, and your father his inventions! Story Mode also supports auto-save allowing you to continue playing at a later time, and you can even tailor the game to use your own music library. A chip-system is also implemented and adds an additional layer of strategy and fun. As you become better at the game and successfully accomplish your tasks, you will unlock, and journey, to other hospitals in the world.

“Are You Alright?” has a vast number of fun and challenging mini-games! For example, there is the skeletal X-Ray machine where you have to sort a scrambled number of images. And speaking of X-Ray, there is a different mini-game where your task is to find weird obstacles in people stomachs! Other fun mini-games include laser incision, plaster casting and bacteria testing!

It has never been more exciting to be a chief doctor: if you always dreamed about what it’s like to treat different types of patients, sometimes many patients at the same time, “Are You Alright?” is the perfect game. It’s entertaining, visually beautiful, and offers countless hours of medical fun!

“Are You Alright?” is available from the App Store here:

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