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ArchLord™ Makes Cinematic Debut as BenX Movie gets set for Release across Selected European Cinemas!

Codemasters Online Gaming's ArchLord MMORPG makes cinematic debut. More information available at

June 2007, - Codemasters Online Gaming is thrilled to announce, ArchLord, the hugely popular Free to Play MMORPG is set to make its first full cinematic debut in a film inspired by real life events. BenX is a film motivated by a young man's struggle with Autism and his fight to overcome the attitude of others in modern day society. Following on from the book, which sold many thousands of copies and a theatre production which was extensively featured across the Benelux region, BenX draws on the lead characters experiences in his early childhood as he fights against the stigma attached to Autism.

"Ben X is a story about young people living in a digital age. The story is based on true events and digs deeply into the day to day reality of adolescents and their parents in a rapidly changing society, commented Peter Bouckaert, Producer for BenX.

The film is visually stunning using actual scenes from the ArchLord video game mixed with live action sequences resulting in a fusion of reality meets virtual world."

Adam McGowan, Product Marketing Manager for ArchLord commented "BenX is a huge production, both surprising and hard hitting and one of the first to feature in-game content from the Massively Multiplayer genre. Featuring many scenes cut directly from in-game footage, this is a huge achievement for both Codemasters Online Gaming and MMG Film Production."

Written and directed by Nic Balthazar, BenX is produced by the movie powerhouse, MMG and set for release in October 2007. For more information on both BenX and ArchLord, or to download a free trial of the game visit the official website at:

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ArchLord is a fantasy themed MMORPG that holds a unique competitive premise for gamers: the opportunity to rise to become the game world's supreme ruler. Throughout this epic quest-based role-playing title set in the game world's Middle Ages, every month one player will gain control of the world and with it the opportunity to wreak havoc as they are crowned supreme ArchLord. Visit the game's official website online at

Players can immortalise themselves in history and leave behind their legacy as they set about their heroic struggle for ArchLord supremacy, and with it gain control over powerful monsters, epic bodyguards and even wreak havoc from the skies with their very own mighty ArchLord Dragon mount

Control the economy, levee taxes, curse or enchant players

Players take their pick from 3 powerful races including Humans, Orcs or the enchanting Moon Elves. Learn and master character skills and develop them through a range of engaging quests and combat.

One the most advanced PVP systems ever seen within any MMO including full blown castle sieges, epic guild on guild battles incorporating hundreds of players and free battle areas where players can challenge their rivals

The mystical world of Chantra is fantastically realised with astounding character detail and gorgeous landscapes. Outstanding in game audio recorded by the world famous London Symphony Orchestra only acts to further enhance the gaming experience.

About Ben X

Ben is not your average teenage boy. With everyday life an epic struggle to overcome ignorance and bullying, Ben spends most of his time residing in a virtual world, using ArchLord to escape from this harsh reality. There he meets Scarlite, a girl destined to help shape his future.

About MMG

MMG was set up in 1981 and started with art house films s.a. LOVE IS A DOG FROM HELL based on a Charles Bukowski novel, directed by Dominique Deruddere and distributed in 18 countries. MMG also produced Deruddere's 2nd movie WAIT UNTIL SPRING, BANDINI starring Joe Mantegna, Faye Dunawaye and Ornella Muti.

HECTOR was MMG's 1st comedy and became an all-time box-office hit in Belgium, only to be out grossed by its successor KOKO FLANEL which raised a historical 11.000.000, - US dollars at the box-office in the Benelux alone.

In 1990 the company diversified into associated businesses s.a. TV, video and animation production, s.a. WINDKRACHT 10, a 23-episode drama series about an elite military search and rescue squadron. Its successor FLIKKEN (COPS) is even more successful and became a n°1 TV hit. The series is now in its 9th season and are starting up a franchise in The Netherlands, called "Flikken- Maastricht".

In 2003 MMG released the psychological thriller THE ALZHEIMER CASE by Erik Van Looy. The film was a big box office hit in Belgium as well as the TV-series with an average of 900.000 viewers every week. The film has been sold to 20 countries, s.a. USA, France, Germany, Canada, Japan,... The remake rights have been acquired by Focus Features, Universal Pictures' independent boutique.

In 2004-2005 MMG coproduced the film DIE BLUTHOCHZEIT/THE WEDDING PARTY directed by Dominique Deruddere, and coproduced the successful film HET PAARD VAN SINTERKLAAS/WINKY'S HORSE together with the Dutch production company Bosbros. The film won several awards, a.o. Chicago International Children's Film Festival ("Best live-action feature film). Also in 2005, MMG coproduced the costume film BLIND, together with Phanta Vision (The Netherlands) and Klas Film (Bulgaria).

Together with Phanta Vision and the production company Woodline Productions (UK) MMG produced the feature film WINDKRACHT 10, KOKSIJDE RESCUE, directed by Hans Herbots. The film was released in October 2006.

In October 2006, shooting started of BEN X, a feature film directed by Nic Balthazar. This film is now in postproduction. The release is planned in October 2007.

In March 2007, shooting started of WAAR IS HET PAARD SINTERKLAAS? , the sequel to HET PAARD VAN SINTERKLAAS, the very succesful coproduction with BosBros. Film-TV Productions (The Netherlands). The release is planned in October 2007.

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