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Three downloadable puzzlers added: Spirits of Metropolis, ShellBlast and greenTech.


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – August 8, 2009 – Archive Entertainment is pleased to announce the immediate availability for download of three high quality puzzle games from Vertigo Games:

Spirits of Metropolis: Journey across several constellations as you match together multiple gems to create massive explosions. Unlike other matching games where you place three gems together and hope for the best, Spirits of Metropolis gives you total control on when the chaining begins. Match dozens of gems to link huge chains before setting them off...but be wary of the new obstacles you'll face on each level! Spirits of Metropolis isn't simply a casual “me too” gem game. This game was built from the ground up to do one thing: create a completely new and fresh gameplay experience with a genre that has been around for ages. The game includes “Journey,” where you play over 70 levels with branching paths and new modes with every world you unlock. There's Puzzle Challenges mode, where you can solve over 50 levels of brain-bending puzzles and create your own levels to share with friends. There's also an unlocking system called “Medals and Milesto nes” that reward users by simply playing the game or beating certain challenges on the level of your choosing, a Rank Mode that lets users compete for the highest score, and lots more!

ShellBlast: A unique entry into the puzzle genre. Using beams of light called SDUs, you must shift them in order to uncover pistons on a bomb, which trigger detonation. While the SDUs tell you when they are hovering over a piston, they cannot tell you which part of the bomb is indeed the must figure that out using logic, skill and perhaps a few tools the game equips the player with. A pseudo-cross between Picross and Minesweeper, ShellBlast will challenge even the most veteran of puzzle gamers.

greenTech: A fun, free, experimental game. Save the world from the threat of global pollution. Steer the wind with hurricane strength, guide pollution into air purification centers, and rid the world of global warming once and for all! Grand Prize Winner of the YoYo Games Competition.

All three games can be downloaded now via Archive Games. Spirits of Metropolis sells for $12.95, ShellBlast for $4.95, and greenTech is available for free. Archive Entertainment is excited to offer their very first bundle pack which includes all three games for $14.95!

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Press Contact: Robby Zinchak, Archive Entertainment Owner,, Skype: Sim9HT

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