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Limited number to be available to purchase at Devastation 2009 in Phoenix.

Tucson, AZ – June 2, 2009

Are you looking for a chance to see an Arcade-In-A-Box ( joystick in action? If you will be attending the upcoming 10th annual Devastation 2009, Men’s Lifestyle Expo in Phoenix this is your chance. Devastation will be held June 19-21 at the Phoenix Convention Center, in Phoenix, AZ. (

Arcade-In-A-Box, is decidedly the tournament player’s joystick of choice and many competitors at the event will be using arcade-style joysticks from Arcade-in-a-Box. However, Devastation 2009 is a great opportunity for gamers of all abilities to feel the difference that real arcade buttons and real arcade joysticks can make in a tournament as well as casual play. A limited number of Arcade-In-A-Box joysticks will be available for purchase on-site. So for gamers who need to have the best but don’t want to wait in line, this is your chance!

Arcade-In-A-Box joysticks are available in a variety of styles and each is custom made with a variety of options, custom artwork and other features including:

- Custom Buttons (Concave, Convex, Sanwa, or Seimitsu)

- Custom Joysticks (Happ Competition, Sanwa JLF, or Sanwa JLF Octo-Gate)

- Button Layout (Straight, Curved, or Mortal Kombat)

- Slim Arcade or True Arcade cabinets

- Available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, or Combo (Supports all three systems)

Images of the PlayStation 3 Arcade Controller and other products are available on the Arcade-In-A-Box web site:

Print quality images are available upon request.

Ed Farias is available immediately for interviews.

For further media information, please contact: James Hills, or call: 630-233-8336

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