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Arcade Classic Thayer’s Quest to debut on DVD & CD-ROM

Digital Leisure to ship first home version of Thayer’s Quest this fall.

GORMLEY, Ontario, Canada ®" November 29, 2005 ®" This fall, come to a fantastic realm of magic and wonder where a young hero strives against ancient evil. Lead him on a perilous quest to find a talisman of great power and restore the lost majesty of a fallen kingdom.

Originally released in the arcades in 1984, Thayer®TMs Quest drew fans in with its inventive interface. Instead of the standard joystick for control, it used a unique keypad. Success in this game is all about your decisions, not your reflexes. Designed for the arcade scene by Rick Dyer, the creator of Dragon®TMs Lair, Thayer®TMs Quest was a game that gave players more choice and allowed each player to have a unique gaming experience that made it an instant hit. Now Digital Leisure has brought the experience to your home computer or DVD movie player for the first time ever. You control Thayer as he journeys through the Five Kingdoms to recover the lost artifacts of Quoid on your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM computer, or DVD movie player using the remote control.

®ÃâFor fans of classic 2D animation games like Dragon®TMs Lair and Space Ace this is a must-have for their video game library,®Ã'? sa

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