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"AquaPhone" by Dynamic Pixels beats all the records!

The bestseller with a slogan "AquaPhone - exotic aquarium on a hand! Download for free!" launched almost a year ago has established a new record in tamagotchi mobile games genre! No one simulator game in Russia and CIS hasn't ever gained so many kind and interested responses. Unveiled in August 2006, users downloaded over 200,000 copies, which exceeded the average number of sales typical for simulator games

The game received numerous user and partners accolades and awards all over Russian and CIS countries!

AquaPhone is of a principle new idea for mobile market. It takes its origin from the tamagotchi genre, but the uniqueness of this game is that you'll have to take care not of a single pet but of a whole ecosystem!

All the aquarium residents possess a number of characteristics which are changing in the result of fishes' interaction with environment. Carefully keeping aquarium a player provides the maintenance of these characteristics on a proper level.

Meanwhile, developers pleased not only players but distributors also as a lot of Russian and CIS content providers found their interest in AquaPhone. The matter is that thanks to Premium SMS users can make purchases inside the game and players used to play this game for almost a year (!), since it has appeared. So, the advantage over one-time payable game is obvious. Thanks to on-line ratings users constantly are aspiring to improve their position in rating-lists and keep playing this game and striving to bring their aquarium just to perfection!

Summing up the statistics the developers proudly announce AquaPhone successes:

- A tremendous success among 200 000 players all over Russia,

- Thousands of daily downloads in Russia and CIS countries

- Dozens of comments, letters and proposals from players every hour

Inspired with such an enormous success of its project Dynamic Pixels is opening for AquaPhone worldwide territories and very soon the game will be launched in Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Great Britain, UAE, Egypt, India, Portugal.

The only reaction of developers worthy of such hearty players' response can be only AquaPhone 2 where fishes will be able to spawn, breed the offsprings, get into quarrels or even fights and players will be able to buy new plants Keep watching the news!

More information about AquaPhone you can find at:

Dynamic Pixels info:

Dynamic Pixels is a dynamically developing innovative company which specializes in mobile games development and porting on different game platforms. Besides developing our own original games, Dynamic Pixels implemented orders for designing and porting for such companies as Infospace, Reaxion, AIM Production, Engine Software.

Today Dynamic Pixels Software Group is publishing games on the platforms of content-providers, operators and vendors in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Great Britain, Austria, UAE.

We also couldn't pass over such significant fact in our company's biography that we are developing and supporting the largest in Russia and CIS mobile games developers portal

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