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A million Russian phone-owners playing it.

Moscow, November 1st 2008. Dynamic Pixels, the leading mobile entertainment development company in Russia, is pleased to announce that its top game AquaPhone has 1 000 000 of active players in Russian Federation only and we call it a tremendous success.

“We are absolutely happy to become the first publisher in the region with such a high-yielding and celebrated IP with the sales of such amount, thanks to the most innovative business model we’ve integrated into AquaPhone”, says Dynamic Pixels’ General Director Mihail Minakov.

The micropayment business model that is implemented in AquaPhone has proven to be a huge success, generating 200% more revenue than one-time payable game. The cornerstone of the success is free distribution of the game which of course attracts crowds of potential players with different income level. After a player has downloaded the game for free we gift him or her with 1 in-game dollar and rich catalogues for creating his own unique ecosystem. Once the gift dollar is over he is welcomed to buy more in-game dollars.

One more weighty reason for being such a hit is that players do not to have to pay a considerable sum at once. They are stretching their expenditures out so that 12 % of the players have been playing for already 6 months.

The project began in August 2006 when the very first AquaPhone was launched. Even then the game turned to be enormously popular among players of all sexes and ages – many of the first players have been playing by now for more than 2 years in fact!

The sequel AquaPhone 2 launched in July 2008 became a block-buster, even those who had never heard of the first AquaPhone were amazed. 3 aquariums: “Coral Fiesta” – exotic lagoon with bright fishes, “Shark Resort” – aquarium with blood-thirsty predators, and “Deep-Ocean World” – mysterious world of the most deep-water inhabitants of the Ocean started the most ambitious world-wide aquarium project. The launch of the sequel resulted in a great rise of the title popularity, and since then the amount of players began to increase dramatically.

AquaPhone is a new standard of quality in mobile gaming. It is as successful as a game with more than 1 000 000 players can be.

More information about AquaPhone you can find at:

About Dynamic Pixels:

Dynamic Pixels Software Group is the leading mobile entertainment development company in Russian Federation. Every day we bring top-quality J2ME content to our partners all around the world and are proud to stick to the highest standards of international business.

Since 2004 Dynamic Pixels Software Group has grown into an experienced and high-yielding studio with 28 released titles and the annual growth in turnover of more than 100%, we have signed agreements with leading Russian and CIS content-providers and have occupied a solid position in mobile games market of the region.

We are innovative at the every stage of the creative process, each new project is a new challenge and we are happy to provide our partners with state-of-the-art line of original IPs which is available for global distribution.

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