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AquaNox - The Angel's Tears

Developer: Massive Development

Platform: Playstation 2

Master Date: Q2 2005

Genre: Underwater Action Shooter

Age Rating: 12+ estimated

Target Group: 12-35


'AquaNox - The Angel's Tears' is the story of an action packed treasure hunt, presented as a playable under-water road-movie.

The game is a fast-paced 3rd person shooter, where the player steers his vessel through the depth of the oceans.

3000 meters under the sea, 650 years into the future, 300 bars of pressure. The sun is a fading legend of former centuries. Nobody has ever seen it. Man now calls this world: 'Aqua'.

Eight humans crammed into a freighter. Eight mercenaries, shrouded in mystery, hunting for a legendary treasure. Eight hunters dreaming of the Angel's Tears.

This dream will change them - and history. The greatest love story of their time!


  • Fast paced 3rd person shooter packaged in a tense and thrilling story
  • 32 missions in the deep seas of Aqua, replayable anytime the player wishes and packed with action, tension, horror and variety. An advanced score and experience system serves a high replay value
  • 4 different player ships fitting each possible tactical challenge: individually equipable and tweakable and fully animated
  • An excellently balanced selection of weapon systems and other ship equipment, serving replay value and personal preferences of the player
  • Literally hundreds of small extras, gadgets and pieces of background information for the explorative player
  • Powered by the famous krassTM engine
  • Supported by an intense and immersive sound track, loaded with context sensitive music, gloomy ambient sounds and blasting weapon effects

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