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Appular's autumn line-up

Six new iPhone games on the way: Push Panic, Terrorist Zombies, Invaders World Tour, Exclusion Zone, Miracle Baby and Neo Defender 2.

For Immediate Release

New York, NY -- November 1, 2010 -- iPhone app publisher, Appular, announces the release of six titles scheduled to hit the iTunes App Store this Fall. To kick things off, Appular has recently released their second published title, mScribble, an exciting music-creation app that has received tremendous feedback from music and education communities alike. The success of mScribble has set the stage for Appular’s unveiling of their exciting Fall lineup of new releases.

“We’ve forged relationships with talented developers from all over the globe and our collective hard work has resulted in some incredible finished products,” says Dino Decespedes, COO and Director of Publishing at Appular.

Appular’s Fall Lineup:

Push Panic. This intense new puzzle game is guaranteed to be an adrenaline-raiser. Players race to execute as many combos as they can before pieces overtake the screen!

Terrorist Zombies. Set in a post-apocalyptic warzone, the objective is to kill zombies on sight. Players are immersed in this stationary first-person shooter that’s fully-equipped with tons of powerups and loads of weapons and ammunition.

Invaders World Tour. Defend countries around the world from a slew of alien invaders as they enter Earth through an intergalactic portal. Invaders World Tour features beautiful retro graphics and a never-before-seen twist on in-game sound effects that complement the experience masterfully, putting a fresh spin on the all-time classic, Space Invaders.

Exclusion Zone. Get ready to fend off an attack! An interesting and unique twist on line-drawing games, players fire missiles and destroy enemy air crafts before they land and invade the military base.

Miracle Baby. A virtual baby is in need of love and care! More realistic than any doll, Miracle Baby shows how challenging and rewarding caring for a newborn can be! Learn how to keep the baby happy and gain some cred for excellent parenting skills!

Neo Defender 2. Set in deep space, a player's craft must be defended at all costs. As the sole defender of the last surviving craft, players must avoid defeat by blasting away illuminated geometric space enemies that multiply and disperse!

All titles are scheduled for release on the iTunes App Store before the end of the year. To stay up to date with the latest information, screens and game-trailers, find and follow Appular on Facebook and Twitter: and @appular.

About Appular:

Appular is an NYC-based company whose mission is to share its world-class experience in marketing, promoting, and publishing apps with innovative mobile app developers across the globe. The Appular team has helped share a multitude of apps with millions of iPhone and Android users. For more information, visit 

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