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APE Update


Middlesbrough, 10 August 2007 - Atomic Planet Entertainment (APE) Limited is continuing its steady growth into one of the UK's most prolific games development studios.

The studio currently has 6 titles in development covering a range of platforms and genres. Most recently announced are three exciting titles for Nintendo's Wii and DS systems.

Jenga is to be published by Atari in November. With one of the world's most popular party games and Nintendo's revolutionary controllers, we have taken this title to a new level. Packed full of exciting environments and tweaks, you'll never want to stack a tower manually again! Jenga was given its first world showing at E3 last month.

Arctic Tale is coming to Wii, as well as DS and Gameboy Advance. Published by DSI, it accompanies the upcoming National Geographic film of the same name. The game is an epic adventure set in the frozen wastes of the Arctic; players control various Arctic animals including Polar Bears and Walrus as they hunt for food and fend off attacks from other animals.

Sea Monsters is also accompanying a National Geographic film of the same name. Players take control of a variety of prehistoric creatures in an underwater world, searching for fossils and fighting off foes. This game is being brought to Wii, DS and PlayStation 2.

Managing Director, Darren Falcus said, 'It is a fantastic time for Atomic Planet. We are working on some of the biggest and most exciting games in our history.' He adds 'We expect to be able to make further announcements of more big titles and our plans for growth in the near future.'



1.For further information please contact Darren or Jason Falcus on +44 (0)1642 871100.

2.Atomic Planet Entertainment Limited (APE) is an independent video game development studio based in Middlesbrough, UK; APE commenced trading in August 2000 and has already achieved international success in producing the following titles: Jackie Chan Adventures - Sony (PS2), Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing - Codemasters (PS2 / Xbox), Mega Man Anniversary Collection - Capcom (PS2 / Xbox / Gamecube).

3.Recently released titles include History Channel Great Battles of Rome - Black Bean (PSP / PS2), Family Feud - Global Star (PS2 / PC / GBA), Charlotte's Web - Blast! (PS2), International Cricket Captain - Empire Interactive (PS2 / PSP / PC).

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