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Apache Warrior - out now!

Looking for a good old-fashioned beat 'em up game? Looking for a game that has also some jump 'n' run features in it? HandyGamesTM has released Apache Warrior with loads of bandits to beat and obstacles to get past.

A tribe of the Apache Indians has decided no longer to accept that palefaces and their allies seize and occupy their land and profane sacred places for the sake of gold, food and oil. The tomahawk has been dug up and you as brave Apache warrior have to find and fight your way through the lonely prairie using your fists, feet and rifles to get help from other tribes. Defeat foul villains lying in wait for you and send them to the happy hunting grounds.

Apache Warrior features:

  • Different scenarios (desert, prairie, saloon, cave)
  • 4 missions with increasing difficulty
  • Loads of villains
  • Health stats
  • Bonus levels
  • Sound and vibration (depending on the handset)

Contact details

Ute Muendlein

Tel.: +49 (0) 9334 - 9757 - 0


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