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Episodic adventure running beta test ahead of October launch, with applications now invited.

Lyon, August 11, 2008 - France.

Aosphere, the world’s very first interactive series, will be diffused as from October 15 on the IDENTIFICTION ( platform. Ahead of the official schedule, the project developers are launching their private Beta test for international access. The closing date for subscription is September 5, 2008.

You can subscribe as from now

The first phase of the Aosphere Beta test is at launch stage, giving you the opportunity that both your subconscious and conscious selves have been yearning for, i.e. get a glimpse of the universe of Aosphere, the first interactive episodic serial due for official launching on October 15. The profiles selected will receive an activation key allowing them to play the pilot episode of the serial.

“We’re not only seeking aficionados of videogames and Point&clicks, but also adults on the lookout for new experiences, fans of TV series, role plays, adventure and so on. We want to widen our panel to as many people as possible, especially women who still represent a minority of subscribers. I also invite science fiction fans around the world to participate in the advent of Aosphere”, declares Pilou, community manager and responsible for the first selection phase.

The closing date for subscriptions for the first phase is September 5, 2008

Its aim: test the functions of the game, its playability, and evaluate the storyline and the depth of the characters. The applicants selected will receive an activation key by email to start the game phase.

Aosphere: the first of a long awaited series

Aosphere is the first interactive 3D series to be diffused every week and will start on October 15, 2008. This 100% science fiction series from Identifiction sets the stage on which political and social intrigues interweave, with the discovery of utopian horizons and your immersion in the virtual flesh of psychologically complex characters. This serial will touch on controversial topics such as racism, exile, colonization and so forth. What’s special about it? Every episode is played live and each decision is irreversible. Aosphere is focused on adventure, quest and exploration. Aosphere is available in localized versions in French, English, German, Spanish, etc.

Press contact:


Phone +33 0472 849 877

Identifiction, 84 boulevard Vivier Merle


Additional links: official site under construction


About Identifiction: Identifiction develops, produces and distributes series of videogames for entertainment. Officially launched in October 2008, Identifiction is a trademark owned by Widescreen Prod., a company specialized in creating and developing videogames. The team has 50 employees (scenarists, game/level designers, programmers, etc.

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