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Antix Game Player

Player-to-player game distribution system to be demoed at next week’s Mobile World Congress.

Visit Antix at the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) Stand, Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, AV 26

Reading, UK, February 8th 2011 — Antix announces that it will demonstrate at next week’s Mobile World Congress the transformational capability to improve consumers’ experience with games on phones, TVs and other connected devices while simultaneously reducing network operators’ churn and bandwidth overload.

Imagine that you are watching one of your friends playing a game on his phone. You like it and want to play the game for yourself on your own device. To get it from the network is either too expensive, inconvenient, too slow or simply too antisocial. Your friend’s phone may be entirely different from your own. So here you are, watching your friend playing a high quality casual or premium game and you “want in” but you can’t because of the many barriers stopping you, as the consumer, do what you want.

Consumers can get games from another subscriber in close proximity when they are using the Antix Game Player, even when not connected to their service provider’s network, however different their devices may be. This means that the user’s insatiable appetite for game content and service can be fulfilled immediately and without having to use valuable carrier’s bandwidth.

As well as being able to connect and play via portals, Antix uniquely allows consumers to share or challenge others in immediate proximity by beaming games from one device to another, only accessing the service to make any required payment; games can therefore be virally distributed and game communities created without increasing network traffic load. Rights management integrated in the Player makes sure that the rights and the revenues of the publishers remain protected.

Most carriers are concerned they are becoming ‘dumb pipes’ supporting a diverse range of fragmented devices, increasingly losing ownership of their customers and amplifying churn. A large proportion of application downloads are games, so the opportunity for consumers to share their high performance, casual and premium games much as they do their music, video and pictures with MP3, MP4 and JPEG respectively is hugely compelling as it ties them more closely to the service provider.

Francis Charig, Antix’s CEO said, “Consumers are constrained to work in artificial ways defined by the portals. Today’s ‘social’ gaming is largely antisocial with the relationship being between the consumer and the portal rather than consumer-to-consumer. Antix turns this on its head to the benefit of consumers and the entire supply chain.”

At MWC Antix will demonstrate sending and playing games between mobile and home devices. AGP’s now live service is being distributed by both manufacturers and required by carriers; it solves fundamental problems for carriers (e.g. business model, distributing desired game services and reducing fragmentation), enhances the consumers experience and connects subscribers with their network across home and mobile products in the most important revenue generating driver for consumer data services.

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About Antix Labs

Antix Game Player (AGP) is a media player for high performance games that consumers can play, copy across their various devices and then share with their friends and family either over the network or off-network in close proximity.

Third party casual, advanced casual and premium games are distributed in a device-independent format similar in concept to MP3 or PDF. This format lets consumers access and share games from any of their connected Antix-powered 'screens', which include; mobile phones, PCs, STBs, TVs, tablets and other connected devices. In much the same way as they do already with music, photos and videos, consumers can distribute trial games virally across networks and off-line to their friends and family while still protecting the rights and revenues of operators and publishers.

AGP is licensed to multiple tier one device makers. In addition to AGP itself, Antix provides the corresponding tools, certification mechanism, optional white-label store, and optional game warehousing necessary to deploy a complete service offering.

Antix Labs Ltd., headquartered in Reading, England was founded by Francis Charig, a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.

For more information, please visit:

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Neil Curtis, Marketing Director, Antix Labs Ltd.

+44 7747 474234

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