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Another class action lawsuit accuses FunPlus of false advertising

Update: Legal firm also investigating potential class action lawsuits against two other titles in addition to King of Avalon

Original story, May 18, 2023: A class action lawsuit has been filed against the publisher and developer of mobile title King of Avalon (FunPlus and its in-house studio KingsGroup) for false advertising.

The companies are accused of making it look like in-game purchases had been severely reduced when in fact the discounted price was the original price (see screenshot below, right).

Example of the alleged false advertising targeted by the lawsuit (screenshot provided by Pollock Cohen LLP)

As reported by Gaming on Phone earlier this month, the lawsuit was taken on by New York-based litigation firm Pollock Cohen LLP.

"We are investigating a class action against KingsGroup and FunPlus on behalf of customers who made in-game purchases in the King of Avalon mobile game," the firm explained. "We are investigating whether King of Avalon and FunPlus falsely advertise and sell game items in King of Avalon at allegedly substantial discounts to lure players to purchase packs based on deals that never existed.

"King of Avalon offers players discounted reward packs with a red-strikethrough line making it appear as if the prices have been significantly marked down. In reality, however, there may be no discounts – these were the same prices players would normally pay. The fraudulent limited time offers may have been sold to millions of players at up to $99.99 per purchase."

Players can now reach out to Pollock Cohen LLP should they wish to join the class-action lawsuit.

A similar lawsuit was filed against FunPlus in October 2022, this time targeting State of Survival. The accusations were the same, with the plaintiffs saying that the practice has been going on for years.

Back in 2018, the UK's Advertising Standards Agency deemed a King of Avalon ad misleading and FunPlus had to withdraw it.

Update, June 14, 2023: It has come to light that Pollock Cohen LLP is also investigating potential class action lawsuits against KingsGroup and FunPlus for two other titles: Guns of Glory and State of Survival: Zombie War.

The accusations are the same as the ones against King of Avalon, with the firm currently looking to hear from players affected.

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