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Announcing the new communications programme for the UK games industry.

For release w/c 1st May 2006

The UK is well established as one of the top global sources of excellent computer games content and its games industry is promoting this fact via a new communications campaign.

The campaign is designed to promote the UK games industry on the global stage. The brand will be owned and managed by trade associations TIGA and ELSPA (the trade associations representing UK developers and publishers respectively). Phase one of the campaign is to be launched at top US trade show E3 in May 2006. TIGA has led on this phase and is supported by ELSPA at the UK pavilion on the E3 show floor and the branding will be further developed at future events and via other media to elaborate the key messages.

The programme is being supported by the Department for Trade and Industry (DTI).

'Powered by the UK' is a communications programme designed to promote the UK games industry. The programme aims to show that the UK offers an environment, both culturally and socially, which lends itself perfectly to world-class innovation, design, engineering and creativity. The messaging links icons of British achievement in its other creative industries and shows how these have been key ingredients in ensuring British success in making games.

Nikkan Woodhouse, TIGA - said, "It's time that the UK is recognised for being the driver behind many iconic games that are often assumed to be made in the US and other countries. The UK is firmly established as one of the top global sources of computer game talent and content, but being British, we sometimes don't like to shout about our achievements! 'Powered by the UK' will help readdress this and show how Britain is a top destination to source creative talent from well established, experienced and professional development teams.'

Mike Rawlinson, Deputy Director General of ELSPA said, 'The UK has always been a business hub between the US and the rest of the world, but we as an industry want to develop this further. 'Powered by the UK' not only represents the unique talents we have, but also the strong entrepreneurial and enterprising spirit that is indicative of British companies. We want to attract more overseas interest into the UK, where we can provide the reassurance of world beating creativity and professionalism.'

The UK Pavilion will contain the key messaging for the programme, together with online web pages to direct enquirers to the TIGA and ELSPA websites. Button badges branded 'Powered by the UK' will also be available to help spread the message around the show. There will also be collateral consisting of the ELSPA Yearbook and postcard pack, both illustrating the programme in greater depth.

In a global market where the production cost of a game sometimes outweighs the importance of creativity and innovation, 'Powered by the UK' is a pertinent reminder of why the games industry is so popular and what drives this success.

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Editors Notes

TIGA (The Independent Games Developer Association)

TIGA is the trade association, which represents the business, commercial and political interests of game developers in UK and Europe to government, EU, Publishers and Financiers. Its members are both independent and in-house studios of companies producing for games consoles, PC handheld, and mobile and iTV games.

Launched in March 2001, by DTI Minister Patricia Hewitt, TIGA has more than 90 member companies that collectively represent expertise from right across the industry. TIGA works to raise the bargaining power of the UK developer community promoting communication between developers and publishers and those that provide services to them. TIGA aims to benefit its members' businesses and creative interests by encouraging a better climate for investment in games, best business practice, dialogue and favourable terms with publishers and by lobbying for government support to the industry.

Address: TIGA, Brighton Business Centre, 95 Ditchling Road, Brighton, BN1 4ST
Tel/Fax No: ++44 (0) 1273 605053
Website: www.tiga.org

For more information, please contact Nikkan Woodhouse: nikkan.woodhouse@tiga.org

ELSPA (The European Leisure and Software Publishers Association)

ELSPA was founded in 1989 to establish a specific and collective identity for the British computer and video games industry. Since then, the membership has steadily grown from 12 to nearly 100 companies, including almost all the major companies concerned with the publishing and distribution of interactive leisure and entertainment software in the UK. ELSPA works to protect, promote and provide for the interests of all its members, as well as addressing issues that affect the industry as a whole.

Address: ELSPA, 167 Wardour Street, London, W1F 8WL
Tel No: ++44 (0)20 7534 0580
Website: www.elspa.com

For more information, please contact Mike Rawlinson: Michael.Rawlinson@elspa.com

DTI (Department of Trade and Industry)

DTI represents the UK government and is working to create the conditions for business success and help the UK respond to the challenge of globalisation.

Address: Department of Trade and Industry, Response Centre, 1 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0ET
Tel No: ++44 (0) 20 7215 5000
Website: www.dti.gov.uk

For more information, please email: dti.enquiries@dti.gsi.gov.uk

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