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Anno: Create a New World

Wii and DS RTS set in the year 1404.

LONDON, UK – February 26th, 2009 – Today Ubisoft announced Anno: Create a New World, a real-time strategy and simulation game specifically designed for the Wii™ home video game system and the Nintendo DS™ hand held system. Scheduled for release in summer 2009, Anno: Create a New World gives gamers the opportunity to explore new civilizations and build their own empire like never before through the immersive action of the Wii Remote™ and the DS stylus.

“ANNO: Create a New World allows gamers to take the civilization building experience to the next level of fun and interactivity,” said John Parkes, marketing director EMEA at Ubisoft, “We’re pleased to be bringing the brand new, uniquely designed game to the Wii™ and Nintendo DS™ for the first time.”

Developed by Keen Games, ANNO: Create a New World takes place in 1404: King Georges’ land is suffering from droughts and famine. Aware of the distress of his citizens, the King decides to send his two sons, William and Edward to gain new territories in order to produce enough goods to satisfy the inhabitants. Whereas Edward suggests fighting to collect the precious resources, his brother, William offers a peaceful solution proposing to explore new and unsettled lands in the south of the Kingdom. With the agreement of his father, William heads to the South and discovers the mysterious orient culture.

Key Features of ANNO: Create a New World :

Explore & create with fun and ease

o Explore a beautiful world, discover new places to settle and create your own realm

o Learn from other cultures (Oriental, European…) & expand your horizons

o All the controls are intuitive, the interface is fully adapted to the consoles’ gameplay

Discover how to manage cities & societies

o Be considerate, plan wisely and learn to manage resources

o Satisfy the needs of your citizens and care for your society

Enjoy friendly, peaceful family entertainment

o Relax & build your cities in a rich and peaceful world

o Play together with your family & friends and let them help you to create your world thanks to the 2-player co-op mode for Wii™ and the 4-player multiplayer mode on the Nintendo DS™

In addition, ANNO: 1404 the next PC game of the ANNO franchise developed by Related Design will be also available this summer 2009.

See announcement trailer on Uplay and check out the press extranet for new assets next week.

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