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ANNO 1701 goes mobile – The ANNO 1701 game you can take with you

ANNO 1701 mobile is the first mobile phone game in Europe thatcan be connected to a PC

Heusenstamm, September 19th, 2006 - ANNO 1701 mobile will be launched at the same time as the anxiously awaited ANNO 1701 PC version of the game on October 26, 2006. The mobile phone strategy game offers virtually unlimited gaming fun to go with original graphics and sounds from ANNO 1701. The real hit: the game can be connected up with the PC version so that points picked up underway can be transmitted from the mobile phone to the computer. ANNO 1701 mobile was produced in cooperation with Keyfactor, the communications and production company, developer Twistbox Games and the Düsseldorf-based mobile specialists, Kaasa solution.

ANNO 1701 mobile is a rounds-based strategy game with entertaining mini games staged in a fictitious island world: In the name of the Queen, the player defends the interests of the crown in distant colonies in the north. There he explores islands, mines raw materials and helps his people to attain prosperity and security. But the competition is not asleep: Enemy nations are already on the way to exploit the riches of the New World. And soon a ruthless battle breaks out for land, raw materials and power!

Gamers who also play the PC version of ANNO 1701 are now able to transfer the points (bonus coins) they have won on their mobile phones directly to the PC game and to exchange them for goods. So now "ADholics" can stay in the AD world even when they're on the move and secure bonus points for the PC game at the same time. Nevertheless, the ANNO 1701 mobile game is an independent mobile phone strategy game and offers loads of gaming fun even without the PC game.

ANNO 1701 mobile is the first game of its kind in Europe to allow a direct connection to the PC game. Data is exchanged between the PC and the mobile phone via WAP and the Internet. Players without WAP and an Internet-compatible mobile phone can use a special code to transfer their points from the mobile game to the PC game.

The market launch of ANNO 1701 mobile is scheduled for October 26 this year. The game will cost EUR 4.99 and will be sold internationally via network operators and portals.

ANNO 1701 mobile was developed by Twistbox Games, the game design comes from Keyfactor, and the publisher is Kaasa solution GmbH.

Product features:

Connectivity with the ANNO 1701 PC game

For video-enabled devices: integration of video sequences

Extensive help function and tutorials

Original graphics and sounds from ANNO 1701 PC

Rounds-based strategy game with real-time action games

Three completely different mini games

Up to three opponents/adversaries

Three different levels of skill for the strategy part

Trade and mining of raw materials

Construction of production and defense facilities on newly settled islands

Events like earthquakes, pirate attacks and volcano eruptions

Arcade mode to practice the mini games and to collect bonus

coins for the PC game

About Keyfactor

Keyfactor provides communications and production concepts to the publishers and developers of entertainment software. In addition to a diverse portfolio in the fields of PR, marketing and marketing collaborations, Keyfactor also offers an extensive range of services in the field of development.

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About Twistbox Games

Twistbox Games, formerly known as Charismatix, was originally formed in 2004 and, as part of Twistbox Entertainment Inc. from Los Angeles, USA, is one of the leading mobile phone game developers in Europe. Currently employing a workforce of 40, Twistbox Games aims to develop high-quality games and applications for all types of mobile phones all over the world. To do so, the company has created a unique development and porting platform that enables Twistbox Games to efficiently support the J2ME, DoJa and Brew standards. In 2005, Twistbox Games received, among others, the German Developer Award 2005 for the "Best Mobile Game" in the "Best Action Game National" category.

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About Kaasa solution

Kaasa solution GmbH is a German company with its head offices in Düsseldorf. Kaasa solution GmbH is the European Liaison Office of Japanese games manufacturer Taito Corporation and specializes in selling and distributing mobile applications for the European market. The applications on offer range from mobile games right on up to the automatic processing of video formats created using mobile devices.

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SUNFLOWERS is a leading producer of computer games and, with 4.4 million copies sold in the ANNO series, has marketed the two most successful games of all time in German-speaking countries.

The factors influencing the success of the Heusenstamm-based company originally formed in 1993 include creativity, innovative strength and flexibility, coupled with an uncompromising claim to quality and highly developed process management. In order to guarantee the high quality of the company's own products, the entire added-value chain from planning to market-ing comes from a single source. The games are sold internationally by exclusive partners.

SUNFLOWERS products also appeal to novices and occasional players and develop step-by-step from a niche to the mass market.

Company founders Adi Boiko and Wilhelm Hamrozi and their co-workers are motivated by a passion for what they do and the responsibility for the success of their own products as well as the development of the gaming industry overall.

For more information on SUNFLOWERS, go to

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