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Angels Online

Totem War info.

The Totem War PvP event in Angels Online gives players a chance to work together against rivals from other leagues as they attempt to capture or defend valuable territories. These battles are exciting, interactive challenges where each individual can contribute to a group’s success. Whether they play the role of attacker or protector, Totem Wars offer a true test for leagues looking to make their mark in the world of Angels Online.

Each map includes a Mysterious Area packed with monsters and resources, and the winning league is awarded the rights to the land and the Mysterious Area. Owning a territory entitles players within the league to claim daily Totem rewards. Territory ownership is a symbolic representation of league strength and authority, as well as the key to valuable rewards, making it the ultimate goal of any league.

There are five different Totem levels. Players may strengthen their Totem’s level by donating resources. With each level, the totem becomes more resilient and significantly harder to take down. In addition, as the Totem level progresses, players can build different defenses to strengthen it further. These defenses can provide buffs ranging from HP or MP increases to a significant attack boost.

Totem Wars are held twice a week, from 8 AM to 10 PM EST on Wednesdays and from noon to 2 PM on Saturdays. During a Totem War, players from different factions can engage in PVP combat. Leagues in control of the Totems should organize elite teams of players to attack other Totems or repel attacks from rival factions. Once a Totem’s level reaches zero, the owning league loses control of the Totem territory and its players are sent back to their main city. Totem Wars provide leagues the opportunity to recapture lost Totem territories or seek expansion into new territories.

Totem Wars raise the stakes for fans of PVP. When players advance to higher levels, PVP becomes more interesting as different skills and strategies become available. Unlike one-on-one PVP battles, Totem Wars require cooperation and careful planning, promoting cohesion and balance among league members. Does your league have what it takes to reign supreme? Rally your troops and find out in Angels Online!

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