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Angels Online

Totem Battle introduced.

The Totem Battle in Angels Online ( was developed with experiences from the Outpost Battlefield, only much fiercer. Today, the Angels Online team is very happy to briefly introduce the Totem Battle.

The top 12 winning guilds from the Outpost Battlefield will own a territory with a symbol of a totem. Each territory possesses a corresponding Mysterious Area in which there are abundant monsters and materials. It is an ideal place for players to level up fast. A guild which has occupied the totem can monopolize all the materials in the mysterious area and claim rewards from the Manor Keeper every day. Possessing a totem territory is the final goal of each guild and symbolizes a guild’s skill and power.

There are 5 kinds of totems from level 1 to level 5. Production players can raise the totem’s level by donating materials. The higher the level of the totem, the more HP it has to resist attacks from opposing factions’. What’s more, players can build defensive towers to offer more HP, MP or higher attacking abilities to their own players.

The Angels Online Totem Battle is held from 8:00pm to 11:00pm on each Wednesday and 12:00pm to 2:00pm on each Saturday. Players from different factions can attack each other on the appointed totem maps. Guilds which possess a totem should make every effort to protect their totem or they could lose it to another faction. After the totem level has dropped to 0, the guild will lose the totem and all guild members will be teleported to their faction city. However, they will have a chance to retake the totem before the event ends.

The Totem Battle has been a hit ever since it’s introduction. After players have leveled up, it becomes more fun to take part in this fierce PVP event. However, only with good cooperation and teamwork among all guild members can a guild win the battle.

For more information about Totem Battle, please visit the official site at

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