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Angels Online

Three new events lined up.

Angels Online is a light-hearted, fun-loving MMORPG by developed by IGG. The game offers as many as eight different classes to choose from, and the flexibility of mixing and matching skills to build your perfect character. The latest version upgrade offers tons of new content and endless surprises, ranging from new monsters to new areas for exploration. Entering its third successful year, Angels Online has built a strong and loyal fan base. Responding to the players’ evolving needs, the AO team opened a new server, Athena.

A series of exciting events are lined up to commemorate the grand opening of the Athena server: the GM Guild, Lending a Helping Hand and the highly anticipated One Week Double EXP event.

Event 1: GM Guild

During the event, the GM will create a new guild open to all players interested in joining. Through this guild, the GM will take players on expeditions to explore the game. New players will also have a chance to win a Double EXP card.

Event 2: Lending a Helping Hand

Sometimes beginners can really use a helping hand. At a certain time each day the GM will appear to help players complete some difficult quests.

Event 3: One Week Double EXP

All Athena players will enjoy an entire week of Double EXP and Double Skill EXP.

Since the opening of the new Athena server, the AO team has had great responses from the players. They’ve also welcomed many new players to the game’s growing community. With so many exciting events happening, now is the perfect time to join the fun on Athena!

Visit the official Angels Online site at to see screenshots and learn more about these exciting events. Visit for more about IGG’s growing family of games.

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