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Angels Online

Peer into the deep, dangerous crevices of Botti Palace.

Players must know that fiercer challenges are waiting for them after they open the giant stone gate. They will face the barbarous Bloody Hoof tribe as soon as they stride over the doorsill.

Courtyard: Bloody Hoof

Once past the gate, players will know fiercer challenges are ahead as they immediately encounter the ruffian Bloody Hoof tribe. These barbarians have made the once quiet courtyard into a bloody battlefield. In addition to the perils of their death traps, the tribe chief, Bloody Hoof himself, possesses overwhelming power. He can continually cast Heavy Stab to kill a high-level swordsman in a flash.

During the battle, if chief Bloody Hoof successfully sets four pillars in each corner of the courtyard, a Lightning Totem will be created that casts lightning spells that have been referred to as “quite shocking.” Don’t think that Bloody Hoof has anything close to a fair fight in mind for those who come to challenge his domain. He will summon an army wielding ancient powers to help defeat all who oppose him.

Back Garden: Monsters’ Pets

The magnificent flowers and lush grass that once grew in the garden have been destroyed by the monsters’ pets. When you try to pass through, take care not to be bitten by one of the pets as they graze.

Church: Priest Terence

Terence is the last guardian blocking the way to Luna Palace, the ultimate destination on the Botti Palace journey. Long ago Terence and the four priests were respectable masters. However, when Lilith corrupted the entire Floating Island with her evil power, everything changed. If you can defeat Terence, perhaps he will share some secrets about Lilith, but you had better bring a team capable of challenging his terrible power.

If you defeat Terence, the nearby Follower Drachma will tell you more about Lilith, including her weaknesses and the legendary Holy Book that is the source of her power.

Luna Palace: Lilith

Take a deep breath before you confront the mistress of Luna Palace. Lilith’s evil power is the most daunting challenge on the Floating Island. The knowledge she has gained from the legendary Holy Book give her access to devastating spells. She can also absorb players’ HP to restore her health during the battle. A blitzkrieg strategy is your best chance to stop her. Lilith can summon several avatars to aid her and set horrible death magic traps as well. If you can defeat her avatars one by one and survive her spells, then victory will be within your reach.

When Lilith is at death’s door, she begins to curse players. Suddenly, the whole room feels compressed. The awful magic descends from above. A Magical Aurora you obtained from Priest Terence is shining. Is this your last chance to defeat Lilith and save the Floating Island? There is no time left to think. Pick up the Magical Aurora and rush toward crazy Lilith to meet your destiny.

What are Lilith’s secrets? Can the Magical Aurora help return peace to the Floating Island? All will be revealed during your adventure in Botti Palace.

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